29 June 2012

Prize Haul

Hi everyone,

So a few months ago, I won Jade's giveaway, you can go visit her blog here. It's really cute and very informative, and is one of my favourites (along with maligreen and bohovanity).
She sent me such lovely things, which I thought I'd show you, while simultaneously and cheekily telling you to go look at her amazing blog!

So the first thing she sent is this gorgeous sort of felt notebook with a russian babuschka doll on it, which is so cute! I love notebooks and always use about five at the same time (which isn't a good idea really but oh well).

The next thing I got is this lovely Hello Kitty Liberty print make-up bag, which is the perfect size for travelling, but I've actually found it perfect to put my camera in, which is quite random. I've actually had trouble finding the right size camera case for my camera, and one that isn't black and bulky, so this is so perfect! I love the bow detail on the zip and the lovely design.

Moving on to what was inside the make-up bag! She sent me a really cute purple button pendant, which has now joined my keyring collection!  And a Hello Kitty mascara, lipgloss and eyeshadow, which I adore! 
The mascara wand is big and fluffy, which is my favourite kind of wand. And it smells like dirt, which sounds weird, but it smells like nice and fresh dirt if that makes any sense! I'd say it's as good as my Maybelline Colossal mascara, it makes my lashes really long and thick but natural looking too.
The lipgloss is amazing. It tastes so yummy and fruity, and it's not sticky at all. It's the perfect consistency and has a very natural colour. I carry both of these products around in my bag, in case I'm in desperate need of touch ups while I'm on the go.

The Hello Kitty eyeshadow! It's a really lovely, shimmery, dark purple/blue/indigo-ish eyeshadow, which is great because these type of colours are the only ones that actually look good with my eye colour. It goes on really well and is quite pigmented. I'll definitely be using this in the winter.

Next is this lovely silver-grey loose eyeshadow by Rimmel, in the colour Smokey. I'd never actually used any  Rimmel eyeshadows or silver eyeshadows before, but it actually looks quite nice. I love how the little applicator is attached to the lid and the consistency of the shadow is really lovely. I just have to be very careful with it, because as soon as I opened it, it went everywhere. Oops.

Then I got this Forever 21 Vintage Rose nail varnish in Glittery Pink, which is a really pretty baby pink, slightly peachy colour with silver glitter in it. I adore this colour and think it looks great, especially in the spring and summer months!

And last but not least, is this multicoloured pen! I absolutely love this because it has multicoloured monkeys on it!! And yes, monkeys are my favourite animals. 

So a huge thank you to Jade! I love everything I won, and I adore your blog!
Let me know if any of you have tried any of these!

28 June 2012

Product Comparison & Review: Bioderma vs RoC

Hi everyone!

You'll probably have noticed that I haven't blogged in ages, if you look at the date of this post and compare it to the one beneath it. I've had a rather long blogging break, for no particular reason, other than having lost my mojo a little bit. But it's back and I've got many interesting posts planned!
For now though, I have a make-up remover comparison.
RoC Double Action Eye Make-Up Remover 

for Sensitive Eyes and Removes Waterproof Eye Make-Up
I used to only ever use make-up removing wipes. such as the Garnier ones, and the occaisional liquid remover, but while working at the pharmacy back in January, I was given this RoC make-up remover. I felt like my wipes didn't remove as much eye make-up as I'd like to, so I decided to give it a try. But after almost a month, I had to give up. It was SO greasy, obviously because it's an oil and water combination so as to remove waterproof make-up, but I'd never had such a bad problem with oily make-up removers before. And apparently it works for all skintypes. I used it on cotton pads, after shaking well, to remove my eye make-up before cleansing, toning and moisturising my face, and after all that, I still had greasy eyes. And it didn't stop there, the grease would travel down my cheeks, and it felt horrible. It's safe to say this product was not for me, despite liking the idea of using a liquid make-up remover. I'm well aware products, especially skin products, suit different skin types well, so I'm not saying this product is rubbish, but it's definitely not for me. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it, to be honest. I'm  not sure how much it costs, but I've seen it one the internet for around 10€ for 125ml.
Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire 
for Sensitive Skin, for Face and Eyes
This product is no stranger to the blogging world, but to be honest, I never really wanted to try it out. I'm not sure if I thought the hype made it a bit overrated, but I just did not feel like trying it, despite the fact that even my sister raved about it. Eventually, after the whole RoC fiasco, I decided it to give it a go (that, and because my mum came home one day with 4 bottles of it (two of which were for my sister). The moment I used it, I realised what a great product it was. Again, I put a bit on a cotton pad, and took of my make-up, letting it sit on the eyes for a bit. It really does feel like I was taking off my make-up with pure water, but it has the same effect as an oil/water combination, which is great! There was no grease in sight, so I was extremely happy. I must admit, I'm a Bioderma convert now. And the best thing about it is, it lasts for ages! The downside is, it's quite pricey, 15€ a bottle I think (my mum found a special offer in Auchan, 2 for one, I think!). But for 500ml, it's only 5€ more than the RoC remover, which is half the size. I definitely reccomend it to anyone who wants a better make-up remover than an oily make-up remover. And you can use it on your face as well as your eyes, which is a bonus, because I wouldn't dream of using the RoC remover on my whole face! 

I hope you liked this comparison, and if any of you use either of these products, let me know your experiences!