9 February 2012

Valentine's Day

Hey lovely readers! This will be my first blogpost from my phone, so fingers crossed it works! I wanted to share my views on Valentines Day, since everyone is being sucked into this giant hype that is all bundled into one day, yet again. I was always the kind of person to steer away from all the commercial crap that comes from this one day, that isn't even a proper holiday, because there's still school and work to get to. And as my brother pointed out, back when he was about 8, why have just to one day to celebrate love? Or maybe he just meant people should get presents every day. Not that it matters, as his point was still very well made.
My boyfriend and I aren't too bothered about Valentines Day, and in the three Valentines Days we've been together, we'll be spending two apart, as I'll be in England next week. But we do get each other a little something, be it a box of chocolates, or a cupcake, or like last year, a pair of socks. And we always seem to "celebrate" on any other day but the 14th (not even on purpose). This year, we got each other some chocolates (and I got a really cute make-up box too), because it's cold and the last few weeks have been hectic and we felt like treating ourselves.
But the point of this rambling post is, whether you're in a relationship, or single, you shouldn't have to save love (and more importantly, chocolate) for just the one day. Go and indulge yourselves with all the special offers, I know I will!
Oh, and Vintage Cam has a new effect, called Caffe Mocha, which is what I used to take the following pictures. I love that app so much!


  1. awww, sweet.. i do think as well vday is just another day =0= shouldn't be all loved up just because of that day if you are in a relationship, as every other should be the same as well (:!

    CMPang x

  2. Sweeeeeet Valentine's Day! :)
    I've just found out your blog, I really like it!


  3. Lovely post, I love you blog!:-)
    Would you like to follow each other? M.

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