30 March 2012

Sephora, Lush & H&M Haul!

Hi everyone! I'd made up a wish-list last week and since I had some birthday money left over, I thought I could treat myself to some beauty related items. And now I feel really guilty about having spent so much on make-up. Oops. 
But what's done is done, and there is no way to undo it (apart from, uhm, returning some stuff? nah.) I'd been wanting to try out a few new products for ages, and I also wanted to try out a new skincare routine. There isn't anything wrong with my current one, but since most of my products are practically empty, I thought I could try out something different. All in the name of blogging, of course! I watched themakeupchairs video on her current skincare routine, and decided I'd give that a go. I'd been uhming and ahing  about getting the make-up, because really, who can justify paying 25€+ on a single bit of make-up? But since it was mostly birthday money, I can live with it. (Can you tell, I'm a real bargain gal at heart)
The only thing I didn't actually buy is the MAC eyeshadow, which was a birthday present from my sister.
Soooo, here it is, my (horribly expensive) haul!
I'll start with H&M because I only got a few bits and bobs at the till. Those boxes of goodies are deadly. I kept picking stuff up and my boyfriend had to keep me from buying weird little things that I don't need. A cute leopard design umbrella? It's been sunny and hot the last two weeks.
I noticed this bangle (4,95€) because it looked exactly like the coral one my brother got me for my birthday, and I love it so much, so I bought this one too. It also has rosegold lining around it, which is gorgeous and matches my watch. I bought some vanilla scented hand and face wipes(0,95€), which are handy to have, as I found out while swatching in Sephora. And the last thing I bought was a coconut and mango lipbalm (1,95€), which smells amazing and so summery!
Then I went into Lush to get the stuff I'd seen in themakeupchair's skincare video, and since it's all in French over here, they have different names. I got the UltraBland cleanser thing (9,95€) and the Tea Tree Water Spray toner (5,95€). And as I was reading the labels, I noticed something rather funny on the Ultra Bland/Simple pot. It said: "Testé sur les Anglais" which means tested on the English, which sounds really strange. I don't know if it says the same on the English version, if it does let me know, but it just made me giggle a bit, which provoked a few funny looks. I also bought the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit face wash, which was 4,95€ in Auchan.
Moving on to Sephora. I actually went to two different Sephoras on two different days, partly because I couldn't bring myself to spend so much in one day(really, what difference did it make? None. I ended up buying more.) and partly because the first Sephora I went to was a bit bigger and had more hair care stuff as well as just make-up and perfume. I'd wanted to try out some of the John Frieda Full Repair products since they came out, because I'm still clinging to that lie that hair products alone with magically cure my hair of all splitends, so I don't have to keep getting it cut. Anyway, I got the deep conditioner, which cost 10€, because for some reason, I haven't got one anymore. I just forget to buy a new one, I guess. First impressions: it smells really nice. I used it today for the first time and my hair has kept the smell, which is good. It made my hair feel soft, but not miraculously fixed every single end. Damn! I've now bought the shampoo too, so here's hoping it'll be the magically, amazing thing I've been looking for.
I went a bit NARS crazy. Just a bit. I wanted a new, non sticky lipgloss and had heard great things about NARS Super Orgasm. I like sparkly things, so I naturally found this lovely. I think it was 25€ which is a lot for a lipgloss (I am hanging my head in shame, don't worry) but it is a little bit worth it. I also bought the NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, because I do not get on well with the little Urban Decay primer potion that came with the Naked palette. It just doesn't work for me. So I got this one, and I think it cost 25€, but more importantly, it works! Woop! The last NARS product I got was an eyeshadow, because whenever I'm in Sephora, I always gaze longingly at the eyeshadows, because they are so damn pretty (and expensive gah). After numerous swatches, and asking the boy which he liked best, and then ignoring him and aksing him again, I finally decided of this one. Fez 2061, which is a gorgeous dark brown/bronze colour with gold shimmer, and I put it on as soon as I got home (does anyone else do this after buying new make-up? Take everything off and put the new stuff on?), and it actually looks quite nice blended over the crease (I usually stop at the crease to avoid looking like a drag queen). It'll definitely look great in the Summer, when I'm a bit tanned. I think it was 24€, which for one shadow...I know, it's a lot.
As if spending all that money on NARS wasn't enough, I went and got a Chanel mascara. Ok, actually I got this before the NARS products. And the reason I got this is because I was given a sample, when I was in La Gallerie LaFayette in Metz, and only actually used it at the beginning of March and oh.my.god. It is literally the best mascara I have ever used. Better than the big fat yellow Maybelline one, better than Benefit's They're Real. It is perfect. It seperates, lengthens, volumises, the whole lot! It's called Inimitable Intense, by the way and I probably won't be able to afford it again any time soon, so I better save it for important days only. Sob. It cost 28,50€ if my memory serves me correctly, which is just plain ridiculous. 
 The last Sephora purchase was an eyebrow brush. Just because I needed one, on account of the one I got from Poundland quite literally fell apart, bit by bit.
This little gem is the eyeshadow my sister got me. Isn't it gorgeous? I can't even describe the colour, it's like a lovely sunset to put on the windows of your soul. It's beautiful. Another beaut for the Summer! I've been wearing it every day since I got it, and it's such a nice colour to play around with it and use other colours underneath and/or over it, and you'll always get a different look. Which is great!
I'll leave you with a picture of my hand. Oh, and a few swatches. L-R: Fez, Super Orgasm, Expensive Pink

If you've tried any of these products, let me know what you thought of them!

23 March 2012

What's in my bag?

Hi everyone! I've wanted to do this blogpost every since I got this bag, back in January, but never really got around to it. I saw this in Pronti, which is a shop that sells shoes and bags, and it had a sticker on it, saying it was 70% off, which made it 7,50€! My boyfriend's mum ended up buying it for me, because she's lovely. I'd really wanted a new bag, since mine were all handed down to me. I wanted one that wasn't too big, but big enough to fit all my essentials in, especially my camera. So this one was perfect!It's a lovely dark brown colour, probably not real leather, but it's still nice. It has a zip compartment inside the middle bit, and two little pockets at the front.
In the main compartment:

Guess purse;Harry Potter notebook;pen;Sephora blush brush;M&S lipbalm;Labello lipbalm;headphones;Marc Jacobs Daisy;bangle;sweets;Chanel blush;phone;card holder

I got this purse the day after I got paid, which means it's more expensive than it should be, and I probably didn't really need to spend so much on a purse. And a Guess purse! I don't even really like Guess. We went to a Guess store and looked around, and to be honest I found all of the stuff quite tacky. I'm not saying all Guess stuff is tacky, just in that store. Then when we were in a department store, I saw this purse, and I thought it was lovely. Then I looked inside and fell in love with it. Then I saw the price and mentally threw up. 55€ for a purse. EEK! But then I thought, why not treat myself a bit? I did need a new purse and it had a lot of room, for everything I needed. So I bought it and that's that.
My Chanel blush, which hasn't left my bag since I bought it, is perfect for touching up blush or just for the mirror! And I always have a few lipbalms with me, I got the left one from my nan, which was an absolute bargain, as she got it for 25p from M&S! It's a gorgeous peachy orange colour, that really moisturises my lips and also makes them a bit peachy coloured too. The other one is a Labello cherry flavoured lipbalm, but I'd describe it as a lipstain. It doesn't moisturise my lips as much as other Labellos do, but it leaves them red and tastes amazing!
In the zip compartment:

I've mentioned this in a tag about me, I have a little collection of keyrings. I don't even know how it started. I just realised that I have one key and seven keyrings. Oops.
 In the two front pockets:
In the left pocket, I keep my medicine stuff, eye drops and starbalm, which helps with headaches, muscle pain and insect stings. In the right pocket, I keep hair stuff like clips and bands, and my cute contact lens case, just in case I need to take them out.

Other things I usually have in my bag include my glasses, my camera and hand cream.
 What are your essentials that you wouldn't leave the house without?

21 March 2012

Pink Lemonade

Hi my lovely readers! This is yesterday's FOTD that I wore with my OOTD. I wanted to do a nice light colour on my lids for a change, because most of my make-up looks have gold/brown/bronze colours on the lids. I hadn't really planned on what shadows I would use, so I ended up mixing a few together to get the right colour that I wanted. 
I can also feel a spot growing on my cheek, but I refrained from using any concealer, as that would just make it worse. 

  Benefit Brows a-go-go Brow And Eye Shaping Kit: wax and light shadow

Urban Decay primer potion all over lid
ELF palette: Light pink shadow all over lid
Urban Decay Naked Palette: Sin all over lid
More ELF palette light pink
Urban Decay24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero to line my eyes very thinly and in waterline
Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara one coat

MeMeMe Blush Me Blush Box in Rouge: lightly dusted over cheeks
Chanel* Joues Contraste Powder Blush 99 Rose Pétale over the over blush

*My sister told me that if you scratch the top off of the Chanel blush, it becomes more pigmented, which turned out to be true!

20 March 2012

Sunny Day

Top: H&M
Vest top: H&M
Dark Blue Leggings: Mango
Pumps: H&M
Watch: DKNY
Bangle: Six

Hi everyone! I am almost back to my normal size, after having a very swollen tummy for almost two weeks! In celebration I decided to wear the new leggings that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday, as opposed to loose jimjams. It is so sunny here at the moment which is lovely, the only downside to this is the fact that every insect to ever exist on this planet has decided to show their ugly faces. (I am terrified of any kind of insect, I freaked out when a ladybird landed on me. I hate them!). 
I also thought I would wear my new bangle and watch, even though it's a bit too big. I also wore my new pumps for the first time, which is a big sign that spring has sprung. I did a different make-up look to what I usually wear, and I'll put up a post on that later.
Apologies for the squinty look in these pictures, it was so bright!
 What do you love/hate about Spring?

18 March 2012

11 Questions Tag

Hi everyone! I didn't have a blogpost planned for today, so I thought I'd do this tag! I was tagged by Mali to answer these 11 questions. Her blog is absolutely lovely, so make sure you go and take a look.

The Rules:  
Once again, I'm not a huge fan of the whole "you must tag 16338 people" so I'll leave number 3 as optional.  
I tag anyone who wants to do this!
1. Post eleven facts about yourself on your blog
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you & then create eleven questions for people you tag to answer
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post

11 facts about me:
  1. I "collect" key chains from all different countries. They have to be silver with a bit of bling haha
  2. I have two pairs of glasses, one for every day and the other for "extreme sports"! The reason is that I was skiing while wearing the rather expensive every day ones, when I fell over and some idiot skiied over them and broke them. Grr
  3. I hardly wear my glasses anymore, I usually stick to contact lenses. Oops.
  4. I was in an all girls private catholic school from the ages of 13-17. It was horrible, I do not recommend it.
  5. I get on better with guys than girls, for some reason. But that could just be the people I know. I'm nice to everyone really :)
  6. I used to really believe that the sun followed us wherever we drove.
  7. When I was in a Crèche (so around 3 years old), I accidentally knocked over a book shelf. I blame the book shelf.
  8. I still needed my mum to come with me to the hospital for the operation I just had. Not ashamed.
  9. I don't eat a lot of meat, but I'm not a vegetarian. I just don't like the texture of meat. I also hate fish with a passion.
  10. Copying Mali's answer here: I've never been religious - am too cynical to believe in anything there isn't solid proof of
  11. I love chocolate!
The questions Mali asked:
  1. What's your favourite colour?Purple!
  2. Do you think aliens exist?Nope
  3. If you could have 3 wishes, what would you wish for? Without wishing for more wishes, don't be sneaky...I'd wish for world peace, everyone I know and love to be happy and healthy, and unlimited amount of gift cards for all the shops I love!
  4. What was the best day of your life?I've had so many! I'll be cheesy and say the day my boyfriend and I got together. With the LMFAO concert as a close second!
  5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?My eye colour! I've always wanted blue eyes, like my mum, sister and brother! Not fair!
  6.  Stealing from Angela... what do you want for your birthday?My birthday's just been, but I really wanted my DKNY rose gold watch, which I got :)
  7. Can you touch your tongue to your nose? Pictures please!Nope, but my boyfriend claims he can!
  8.  What do you look for in a guy/girl?I look for humour and common interests. He has to be able to make me laugh, and be able to have endless conversations with me about random things. Awkward silences are the worst! He basically has to be the way my boyfriend is haha
  9.  What's your favourite kind of pizza?I've really gone off pizza recently! But I'd have to say boring cheese and tomato!
  10. Have you ever been overseas? If so, where did you go?Only across the Channel, never anywhere further away!
  11.  What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years?I'd like to have a comfortable life, and no longer have to worry about silly things.
My questions:
  1. Which countries have you been to?
  2. Dogs or cats?
  3. What's your 'never leave the house without' make-up product?
  4. What's your favourite childhood memory/ What do you miss most about your childhood?
  5. What do you collect, if you collect anything?
  6. What's your favourite thing to eat?
  7. How many languages can you speak and which ones?
  8. Which do you prefer; films or books?
  9. What is your ultimate beauty tip?
  10. In which country did you spend your favourite holiday?
  11.  What's your dream holiday location/ Where would you recommend going?
Have fun! :)

17 March 2012

Birthday Presents!

Hi everyone! This will be a picture-heavy post! It was my 20th birthday last Sunday and I celebrated at home with my family, because I wasn't well enough to do anything else. (I'll be going out as soon as I'm better!) I had to have an operation on the 8th, so I couldn't really move a lot, which was a bit annoying but at least they've fixed me haha.
We had lovely afternoon tea, but none of us could finish anything, there was so much food! My mum baked a really yummy chocolate cake, which was actually supposed to be a chocolate and orange cake, but I asked for it without the orange, because I'm very picky haha. We had biscuits, scones, sandwiches,apple tart, and tea of course!
I love seeing present posts, because I can be quite nosy! So if any of you have posts like this, please comment with a link :) It's a good way of getting present ideas, too!

Chocolate cake;Scones with jam;Cute napkins;All of it together;Biscuits;Apple tart;Sandwiches;Tea. Nom!

Onto the presents!

L-R: liquid eyeliner, silver cream eyeshader, gold cream eyeshader

I got this really cute Minnie Mouse washbag from my sister, Naty. It's so cute and the perfect size for all my things, like make-up palettes etc. She also got me two creamy eyepencils, a gold one and a silver one, which are really nice quality large pencils. I love using them as bases! I also got three brushes, an angled face brush, an angled eyeliner brush and a fluffly blending brush. The last thing she got me was a bronze coloured liquid eyeliner, which is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the summer!
Next, my younger brother got me some really lovely things! He bought me a gorgeous gold necklace that has a gold flecked feather on it, which is so pretty! He also got me some cute hair ties, which I really needed, and two cute bracelets, one is black and the other is a lovely peach colour. He did really well, considering he didn't have any female help choosing the stuff! It's all really cute and great for spring.
My boyfriend got me this really nice washing basket, which was filled with goodies, and it was so nice finding more and more presents. He also got me a Pokémon game which was really funny, and I'm actually addicted again! It was so nice, feeling like a kid again with tons of presents to unwrap. My mum got me the Gameboy iPhone cover, which I adore, because it looks just like the gameboy I had as a child!

My lovely grandparents bought me the Marc Jacobs Daisy purse perfume, which is a little bottle that fits in your bag and it comes with a refill too, which is such a good idea. I adore the perfume, it smells amazing and isn't too overpowering either. They also got me this gorgeous Red or Dead bag, which is a sort of blue/purple colour and I love it. It's so beautiful and I'll probably wear it out a lot.

And finally, I got Soap & Glory shampoo and conditioner, that smells absolutely delicious, from my parents, along with Moroccan Oil, which I am really excited about using, because I've heard and read so much about it. My sister's fiancé got me the Moroccan Oil conditioner, which is amazing and makes my hair so soft! And the last present from my parents is my DKNY rose gold watch, which is absolutely goreous! I am in love with it and can't wait for it to be altered so that I can wear it all the time. I'm so grateful to them, because it is amazing!
I'm actually grateful to everyone, because all of my presents are amazing. I'm very glad to know such lovely people, so here is a blog thank you to all of them!