14 March 2012

Current Skin Care Routine

Hi everyone! I thought I'd do a blogpost on my skin care routine. My skin has been clear and healthy for over three months now, since I started using these products, so I thought I'd share my tips and tricks. I've repurchased all of them, that's how good they are.

My skin type:
I'd say I have combination skin, but it's hard to tell, because it constantly differs depending on the seasons, sometimes it's greasy (Spring/Summer), sometimes it's very dry (Autumn/Winter). Is that normal? I really have no idea about skin. Spots were also a big problem. I used to never use any kind of product, but now that I've started, I've found it's made a huge difference. I've been spot free for over three months, with the allowance of one or two at my time of the month. 

What my skin goes through, make-up wise:
Like I've mentioned so many times, I never use foundation. Ever. This is due to the fact that when I was a young teenager, so around 13 years old, my mum told me that using foundation and concealer will just hide the problem and not deal with it. You'll be cleaning your skin and then putting stuff over it, so scars and spots will never have the chance to heal properly. I don't know if that's strictly true, that foundation, concealers and powders don't help at all, but I chose to believe it anyway. I'm definitely not saying foundation is bad, the main reason I don't use it is because I really hate the way it feels on my skin. I'm very weird regarding textures, and feeling it on my face just disgusts me a bit. But it's all personal choice, if foundation works for you, then that's great! I do occasionally use concealer, but recently I've stopped (concealer free for over three months!). I do use blush, but I've never found that damaging to the skin.

What I use:
I use all of these products apart from the face wipes in the morning too.

Garnier Essentials Make-Up Removing Face Wipes
I remove my make-up with these wipes every night before bed. They don't sting and they take off the majority of my make-up.

Vichy Purete Thermale Paraben Free One Step Cleanser for Sensitive Skin
After removing my make-up with the wipes, I splash my face with cold water. Then I use a coin sized blob of this and rub it in all over my face, eyes included, as it not only works as a cleanser, it also works as a toner and make-up remover. Then I rinse again with cold water. This leaves my face feeling really fresh and clean.

Bebe Young Care Shine Control Oil Free Face Toner
I use a bit of this with a cotton pad and rub it in all over my face. It stings a little, but it really does clean all the excess dirt off of my face and leaves my skin feeling nice and fresh.

Bebe Young Care Relaxing Care Day & Night Cream for all skin types
I use this as a moisturiser, after the toner dries. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling really soft.

Important tips that everyone already knows:
  • Drinking a lot of water! I've been gradually swapping Ice Tea for water, and yes it has been hard but it is so important, not just for your skin, but for your hair and body too. 
  • Fresh air. After being ill with the flu for a week, I like to spend as much time as possible outside, because the difference is so noticeable. Being stuck indoors makes my skin even greasier and more prone to breaking out in spots.
  • Vitamin D (i.e. being out in the sun) My mum always says getting a lot of vitamin D does wonders to the skin, just don't forget suncream!
What are your favourite skin care products?


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like how foundation feels!

    I use Boots Rosewater Toner and I love it :) x

  2. Yay! Finally someone who agrees! :) ooh that sounds lovely! Will have to check it out :) x


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