17 March 2012

Birthday Presents!

Hi everyone! This will be a picture-heavy post! It was my 20th birthday last Sunday and I celebrated at home with my family, because I wasn't well enough to do anything else. (I'll be going out as soon as I'm better!) I had to have an operation on the 8th, so I couldn't really move a lot, which was a bit annoying but at least they've fixed me haha.
We had lovely afternoon tea, but none of us could finish anything, there was so much food! My mum baked a really yummy chocolate cake, which was actually supposed to be a chocolate and orange cake, but I asked for it without the orange, because I'm very picky haha. We had biscuits, scones, sandwiches,apple tart, and tea of course!
I love seeing present posts, because I can be quite nosy! So if any of you have posts like this, please comment with a link :) It's a good way of getting present ideas, too!

Chocolate cake;Scones with jam;Cute napkins;All of it together;Biscuits;Apple tart;Sandwiches;Tea. Nom!

Onto the presents!

L-R: liquid eyeliner, silver cream eyeshader, gold cream eyeshader

I got this really cute Minnie Mouse washbag from my sister, Naty. It's so cute and the perfect size for all my things, like make-up palettes etc. She also got me two creamy eyepencils, a gold one and a silver one, which are really nice quality large pencils. I love using them as bases! I also got three brushes, an angled face brush, an angled eyeliner brush and a fluffly blending brush. The last thing she got me was a bronze coloured liquid eyeliner, which is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the summer!
Next, my younger brother got me some really lovely things! He bought me a gorgeous gold necklace that has a gold flecked feather on it, which is so pretty! He also got me some cute hair ties, which I really needed, and two cute bracelets, one is black and the other is a lovely peach colour. He did really well, considering he didn't have any female help choosing the stuff! It's all really cute and great for spring.
My boyfriend got me this really nice washing basket, which was filled with goodies, and it was so nice finding more and more presents. He also got me a Pokémon game which was really funny, and I'm actually addicted again! It was so nice, feeling like a kid again with tons of presents to unwrap. My mum got me the Gameboy iPhone cover, which I adore, because it looks just like the gameboy I had as a child!

My lovely grandparents bought me the Marc Jacobs Daisy purse perfume, which is a little bottle that fits in your bag and it comes with a refill too, which is such a good idea. I adore the perfume, it smells amazing and isn't too overpowering either. They also got me this gorgeous Red or Dead bag, which is a sort of blue/purple colour and I love it. It's so beautiful and I'll probably wear it out a lot.

And finally, I got Soap & Glory shampoo and conditioner, that smells absolutely delicious, from my parents, along with Moroccan Oil, which I am really excited about using, because I've heard and read so much about it. My sister's fiancé got me the Moroccan Oil conditioner, which is amazing and makes my hair so soft! And the last present from my parents is my DKNY rose gold watch, which is absolutely goreous! I am in love with it and can't wait for it to be altered so that I can wear it all the time. I'm so grateful to them, because it is amazing!
I'm actually grateful to everyone, because all of my presents are amazing. I'm very glad to know such lovely people, so here is a blog thank you to all of them!


  1. You'll have my pressie next week too! :)

    1. yay! will have to do step-by-step pictures of how I unwrap it haha :) x

  2. Nice pics !! Love the watch :)

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  3. I love seeing presents too! Your a very lucky girl! Your party looks adorable :-D I hope you had a lovely birthday and I hope you have a really speedy recovery!


  4. Love all your pics! Also happy belated birthday :) It was my birthday a few months ago, here's the link. I only got a few photos of my gifts from my friends tho :) http://betweeenyouandi.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/finally-18.html

    1. thanks! :) I adore the shorts you got! x

  5. Ahh happy birthday! And I'm sorry it's late.
    Woah, your presents are awesome! <3
    And sooo much yummy food :)



  6. what lovely gifts hun! hope you had a great birthday xx
    my blog: boho vanity

    1. Thanks :) I did, albeit a painful one haha xx

  7. mmmmm :) that food feast looks delish :)



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