23 March 2012

What's in my bag?

Hi everyone! I've wanted to do this blogpost every since I got this bag, back in January, but never really got around to it. I saw this in Pronti, which is a shop that sells shoes and bags, and it had a sticker on it, saying it was 70% off, which made it 7,50€! My boyfriend's mum ended up buying it for me, because she's lovely. I'd really wanted a new bag, since mine were all handed down to me. I wanted one that wasn't too big, but big enough to fit all my essentials in, especially my camera. So this one was perfect!It's a lovely dark brown colour, probably not real leather, but it's still nice. It has a zip compartment inside the middle bit, and two little pockets at the front.
In the main compartment:

Guess purse;Harry Potter notebook;pen;Sephora blush brush;M&S lipbalm;Labello lipbalm;headphones;Marc Jacobs Daisy;bangle;sweets;Chanel blush;phone;card holder

I got this purse the day after I got paid, which means it's more expensive than it should be, and I probably didn't really need to spend so much on a purse. And a Guess purse! I don't even really like Guess. We went to a Guess store and looked around, and to be honest I found all of the stuff quite tacky. I'm not saying all Guess stuff is tacky, just in that store. Then when we were in a department store, I saw this purse, and I thought it was lovely. Then I looked inside and fell in love with it. Then I saw the price and mentally threw up. 55€ for a purse. EEK! But then I thought, why not treat myself a bit? I did need a new purse and it had a lot of room, for everything I needed. So I bought it and that's that.
My Chanel blush, which hasn't left my bag since I bought it, is perfect for touching up blush or just for the mirror! And I always have a few lipbalms with me, I got the left one from my nan, which was an absolute bargain, as she got it for 25p from M&S! It's a gorgeous peachy orange colour, that really moisturises my lips and also makes them a bit peachy coloured too. The other one is a Labello cherry flavoured lipbalm, but I'd describe it as a lipstain. It doesn't moisturise my lips as much as other Labellos do, but it leaves them red and tastes amazing!
In the zip compartment:

I've mentioned this in a tag about me, I have a little collection of keyrings. I don't even know how it started. I just realised that I have one key and seven keyrings. Oops.
 In the two front pockets:
In the left pocket, I keep my medicine stuff, eye drops and starbalm, which helps with headaches, muscle pain and insect stings. In the right pocket, I keep hair stuff like clips and bands, and my cute contact lens case, just in case I need to take them out.

Other things I usually have in my bag include my glasses, my camera and hand cream.
 What are your essentials that you wouldn't leave the house without?


  1. my bag contains lots more, i always take things that are so unacessary :(

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    1. haha mine used to be a mess when I had a bigger bag :) x

  2. Oh wow,I love the bangles (:

  3. Looks great! Love Daisy from marc jacobs!

  4. I love these posts, I'm so nosey :)


  5. nice Blog! Hope you go and visit my blog! :D


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