25 February 2012

Make-Up Haul!

Hey guys, as I've already mentioned in earlier posts, I've been shopping. A lot. And so I bought myself some more make-up. To think, a year ago, I thought make-up ended in drug stores! Since reading blogs and watching youtube videos, I've realised there's a lot more to make-up than just eyeliner and mascara, and I've since been on a trip of discovery of all other kinds of products and brands that are out there. As helpful as this is to my face, it's been a bit hard on my purse.
Some of the following products were purchased in England, others in Metz. (The Metz Sephora is a lot better than the Luxembourgish one!) I've been using them, so they don't look brand new, and my Benefit eyeshadow actually smashed just after I took the picture, which practically broke my heart.
MeMeMe Blush Me! Blush Box in 4 Rouge
I'd seen this on their website and fell in love with the colour, so while visiting my sister, I went to Superdrug and bought it. It's a lot more pigmented than my Chanel blush, which is good, because now I have one for when I want a noticable blush and one for a more natural look. I adore the little brush that came with it too, it's really soft and applies really well. The packaging reminds me of Benefit blushes too, which is cool. I think it cost £8.50 but I got it for a bit less, I think there was a save £1.50 thing going on.
MeMeMe Longwear Satin Lipcream in 06 Ruby Rich
I don't own any lipsticks so I wanted to try one, to see if it suited me. At first I thought the colour would be far too bright, but it's actually really nice and you can layer it up or not, depending on how you feel. It's lasts a long time too, and goes on nicely. I think I got it for £7.00, with the £1.50 off, so it probably costs £8.50. I probably should have swatched it, but the sun was going down and I wanted to finish taking the rest of the pictures, so expect a swatch sometime soon.
MAC Eyeshadow in Young Punk
While at Westfield, we went to the MAC store, and this eyeshadow immediately caught my eye. It's black with a lot of purple and silver sparkles. I like using it in the outer corner, and it's probably great for a nighttime look too. I can't remember how much it cost, between £14 and £16, I think!
Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Get Figgy
I bought this when I was with my cousin, I fell in love with the colour! It's a gorgeous, light purple colour, and I love how it looks with my eye colour, which is a very rare thing for me. I love using a brown eyeliner with it too. It lasts a long time too, which is great. I can't remember the exact price, but I think it was £14.50. Bobbi Brown Creamy Eye Pencil in Walnut
I'd been on the hunt for a decent brown eyeliner and found this in the Sephora in Metz. It was between this and a benefit one, but after swatching both, I decided on this one. It's lovely and perfect, and has a smudge end as well. That's all I can really say. I'm so glad I picked it, it goes on really easily and looks really nice on the lower lashline, especially. I can't remember the price, I think it was around 16€, but I don't know if I'm just making that up.
Sephora Retractable Blush Brush
I bought this in Metz, and I have to say, for 11.50€ it's a bit disappointing, because everytime I've used it, which is almost every day since I got it, it leaves little black bristles all over my face. It works well for applying products, but the bristle thing is really annoying. I probably wouldn't recommend buying it.


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