1 February 2012

Update, Fish & Future Giveaway

Hey guys! I haven't blogged in a while...again. Who would have thought working in a pharmacy would be so exhausting? Oh wait, I did know that. I came home last night and immediately fell asleep. At 18:30! I usually only sleep in the day (because 18:30 is still 'day' to me) when I'm ill. Anyway, exhaustion aside, working in a pharmacy has many benefits, not only do I get paid well (yay!, I also get a few freebies! Which you wouldn't expect from a pharmacy: "Here, have some free paracetamol!". We get free beauty products, like face creams, or make-up remover, when we order a bunch of stuff. Which is great, because I get to try out a bunch of new products, and let's face it, who doesn't love freebies? 
So I've been very busy, and whenever I have free time I spend it asleep or in the shower. Time is being really weird lately, though. It's only Wednesday but feels like Friday. 
Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary by going to an aquarium, which is a bit random but we like going to Zoos and stuff so why leave out fish?, and then going to a Chinese restaurant. I can't believe it's been two years! It's really strange, it feels like the two years have gone so quickly, but then I think about our memories together and it seems so long ago. Anyway, we went to France, Amnéville to be precise, which is a 40 minute drive from where I live, and when we got there it started to snow! Which was the icing on the cake, and made our day even better. 
We'd also been there the previous weekend with my brother, as Amnéville is a sort of Jack of all trades kind of place. It has a zoo, an aquarium, a bowling alley, a huge cinema, an indoor skiing place,... Basically, a lot of different activities. My back had been hurting quite a bit, so my boyfriend suggested we go to this sort of swimming pool/spa and my brother decided to tag along. I felt so good afterwards! It has a a few different saunas, jacuzzis and loads of massaging things. I really suck at explaining things, but I'll add the website here so you can see what I'm on about. So worth it!
That just about sums up what I've been up to these last few weeks, and I am planning a giveaway, perhaps when I reach 55 readers or when it's my blog's three month anniversary (15th February!), I'll make my mind up soon, don't worry! I've already got some bits that I want to give away, it's so exciting, like Christmas all over again!

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