3 February 2012

Dreaming Of A White February

Jacket: Primark

Top: C&A
Leggings: C&A
Boots: not sure!
Bag: Pronti
Necklace: present from my grandparents
Bracelet: Six (present from my little brother)

It snowed! Finally! But then it stopped and now it's just icy and horrible. But at least we've had a bit of snow. Once again, the lighting was lovely and my lovely, kind, really thoughtful boyfriend (I'm being paid to say this*) was nice enough to take a few pictures. And once again my outfit wasn't too special, but more on the comfortable side. It was my day off, so we ran a couple of errands, and it was so nice to finally have a long lie-in! I'll do my FOTD in a separate post, because I took quite a few pictures. (*That's a joke, just in case anyone wondered)


  1. Love this coat!
    Very nice blog, am following now =) x


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