26 October 2012

Updated: What's in my bag?

Hi everyone,

Back in March I did a 'What's in my bag' blogpost and have decided to update it because I've changed my bag and have a lot more stuff that I carry around. I really love seeing/reading these kind of videos/blogposts, as I'm quite nosy and it also gives me ideas of essential things I should carry around.
I got this bag from Next. It's a really gorgeous stony beige colour and has polkadots on the inside. It also came with a polkadot black and white scarf attached to one of the handles but it fell off. My nan gave me a replacement polkadot scarf, but that one conveniently decided to fall off today too and I can't find it, although it's definitely in my room somewhere. It's a good size bag and fits all my essential bits and bobs.

In the main compartment: tissues, Impulse body spray, medicine bag, notebook, phone, purse, Tangle Teezer, camera
In the little side pocket: key and keychain, Vaseline lip balm
In the side zip up pocket: eye drops, Caudalie lip conditioner, Collection 2000 Cream Puff lip cream in Cotton Candy and a pen
In the middle pocket: hand sanitiser, hand cream, H&M passport cover, Accessorize card holder, H&M clothbrush

Let me know if you've done one of these posts, I'd love to see it!


  1. I love the look of you bag, that shiny finish is so nice. Really fun post, I will need to do one! :) xx

    1. thanks :) yay they're so fun to read! xx

  2. I need a tangle teezer so bad,love your patent bag x


    1. thank you :) the tangle teezer is seriously a lifesaver!x


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