8 April 2014

Deauty Box: Experience and Mini Review

Hi everyone,
A friend of my boyfriend's told me about a beauty box subscription that she gets. I've always wanted to try beauty boxes, after seeing so much about Glossy Box and was quite excited to find out about a company that ships to Luxembourg. 
I visited the website (which you can find here) and signed up. You are then asked to fill out a little "beauty profile" quiz, which asks about your hair and skin type and then you get a choice of which kind of subscription you want. It costs 16,95€ a month post and packaging included, and the subscription offers you can choose from are: a monthly cost of 16,95€, three months for 50,85€ or twelve months for 185€. I chose to pay 16,95€ a month because you can end the subscription whenever you want. Since it was my first beauty box, I didn't want to pay more than that up front without knowing what kind of products I would get. 
You get 4-6 products each month and you can browse the brands they have here.
They ship the boxes between the 10th and the 25th of every month. I ordered and got mine in June last year, but put off blogging about it because I wanted to try and reupload some of my lost photos first. This also explains why I only have a few photos of the box and only of the products.
I ordered the box as a one off and then ended the subscription because I had to save money for my summer holiday.
All in all, I wasn't too blown away by the products. I got an Etat Pur cream for sore legs, a Savon d'Alep jasmine soap, a mini Estée Lauder Revitalising Supreme Anti-Aging moisturiser, the Absolute Nude eyeshadow palette which contains six eyeshadows and a lipstick in the shade 260 It's a Matt World by Catrice and a Eucerin shaving cream for men as they added something for the man in your life.
On the one hand, there are only two miniature products, the shaving cream and the moisturiser. The rest of the products are all full size, which is good. However, the brand of the lipstick and palette, Catrice, is rather cheap. That being said, the colour pay off of the eyeshadows isn't terrible and the lipstick is rather pigmented. The lipstick's packaging is nice and doesn't feel cheap at all. It has a rather strong smell of sweets though, which some people may find pleasant but it's a bit too sickly for me.
I compared the palette to the original Naked palette, and the shades are somewhat similar, so it is a cheaper, smaller alternative. The palette retails for 4,99€ and I think the lipstick costs around the same. (The Catrice website doesn't seem to have any prices).
My boyfriend appreciated the shaving cream and used it when we went away on holiday, as it was the perfect size for travelling. I was a bit confused as to why they added a leg cream and a soap to a beauty box though. I ended up giving the palette to my sister but I kept the lipstick, as I don't own a lot of red shades. I never used the soap, because I'm more of a liquid soap person, or the moisturiser because I'm picky with what I put on my face and I don't want to end up loving it, because I get the feeling the full size is expensive. I used the leg cream once because my legs get really bad cramps at night time, but felt not difference.
I might subscribe again one day when I have a bit of extra money, because it is a fun experience, not knowing what you are getting. But for now I don't feel the need to get a box full of beauty surprises.
What are your experiences with beauty boxes? Which ones would you recommend?

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