25 June 2014

Milkmaid Braid

Confession time: I love the TV show Teen Wolf. It's right up there with my favourites and I am not ashamed. It started out as a funny, not so scary werewolf show and has slowly turned into a much more serious, a lot scarier werewolf show. And I love it. My favourite character, apart from Scott obviously, is Lydia. I love her style and I especially love all of her hairstyles, many of which involve plaits. I tried to recreate one of the easier ones, the milkmaid braid. It's quite a popular hairstyle and is really easy to do. 
I decided to keep my fringe out and kept that parting but then parted the rest of my hair down the middle. I did two quick plaits on either side of my head and secured them with little elastic bands. Then I pulled them out a bit to make them thicker. I pinned the smaller one up first and used hair pins to secure it to my head and then repeated this step with the thicker plait. I made sure to hide the end of the first plait and then tuck the end of the second plait behind the beginning of the first one and pinned it in place. Then I pinned them more wherever I felt everything needed to be more secure.
I especially love doing this hair style on second or third day hair, where I just want it all out of my face (apart from my fringe obviously). It's pretty but really easy and looks like you made more of an effort. I was in a hurry while doing it and the back did look a bit messy but I though I would just embrace the messy look. You can neaten it up if you want to though.

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