9 June 2014

Porta Nova

Hi everyone,
I meant to put this blogpost up yesterday, but when we got home, drama ensued. We were walking to our house when two men ran past, followed by a younger guy who shouted for help as the men had stolen money. Stefane and my brother ran after them and I panicked and ran straight to the house to get my mum for help. We went to where the others had ran off and found out the men had escaped, and one of them had hit Stefane on the head with a metal knife sharpener. The police arrived to look for the men and get statements and then we went straight to the hospital and spent three hours waiting to be seen. Luckily, Stefane is alright but has a huge bruise below his eyebrow, but we were all shaken up, obviously, so that explains why I wasn't able to blog. If any of you live in Luxembourg and need to go to a hospital on a Sunday, you can find out which ones are open here and if you need to find a pharmacy, then check here. Now on to the actual blogpost!

Sunday was Mother's day in Luxembourg, so we all went out for lunch. We chose to go to Porta Nova, which is an Italian restaurant in Limpertsberg. We used to go there a lot when we were younger and I always associate it with fun memories. 
The restaurant is a bit hidden, in between the Utopia cinema and the Magnum club, and is right near the Glacis. The interior has changed a lot since the last time I was there and is really clean and modern. They also have a covered terrace, but since it has been so hot these last few days (up to 33°C!), we decided to book a table inside. Unfortunately they didn't have the air conditioning on and we all suffered a little bit because of that. Service was good however and everyone was really friendly.
I decided to change things up a bit and order meat filled cannelloni instead of pizza. It was absolutely delicious and really filling. Stefane had Pizza Scampi (pizza with prawns), my brother had Pizza Porta Nova, which had parma ham, rocket and philadelphia cheese, my dad and my grandmother both had Saltimbocca alla romana (veal topped with proscuitto) and chips, my mum had Scampi a l'ail (garlic prawns) and chips and finally, my sister had Pizza Parmigiana, which is pizza with parma ham.
We were all completely satisfied and happy with what we had chosen, but by the time the dessert menu came around we were all boiling hot again. So naturally we used that as a perfectly acceptable excuse to get a nice, cold dessert! 
It was a hard decision to make, since the dessert menu offered so many amazing choices. I ended up ordering a Dame Blanche, which is vanilla ice cream, cream and hot melted chocolate that is poured over the ice cream. It was delicious but as per usual, too much to finish. The others all went for different things, like banana slit, strawberry ice cream, panna cotta and nougat glacĂ©. 
I would say that price wise, it is standard for Italian restaurants here in Luxembourg, not too expensive but not especially cheap, so somewhere in the middle, but completely reasonable for the portion sizes and quality of the food that you get. 
All in all, we all really enjoyed ourselves and left feeling full. They have a website which I will link here, where you can find the address and their phone number so you can book a table in advance. They also have an online version of the menu, but they don't do home deliveries.

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