29 June 2014

Bebe More Range

bare faced
with the Brighten Up moisturiser
with the moisturiser and the eye cream
                            with the eye cream                                          without the eye cream
finished face, no other face products used (foundation, concealer or powder)
I recently spotted new Bebe skincare products in Cactus. I admit, I am always drawn in by cute packaging and Bebe never fail in that aspect. There were three new products in the Bebe More Range, the Melt Away cleanser, the Beautiful Eyes eye cream and the Brighten-Up face cream. Naturally, I bought all three. For science. I don't actually feel bad about it, because Bebe isn't an expensive brand. Also I was in need of a daily moisturiser and I don't even own any eye creams. But there's a first time for everything.
My skin tends to be quite sensitive, in the sense that I have to be careful about what I put on my face. I often find that most moisturisers and creams make my face itch immediately after applying them. There are no actual psychical signs of this but my face feels so uncomfortable. This is also the reason why I don't use many face products like foundation. Even concealer feels horrible. So whenever I find a product that doesn't do this, I stick with it. The Vichy 3 in one cleanser, La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo serum, the Effaclar A.I. cream and the Effaclar Purifying cleanser are my go to products. However they are all on the more expensive side.
I did have high hopes for the Bebe products and they didn't disappoint. The cleanser is just as good as the Vichy and the La Roche Posay ones, my face always feels really soft and extremely clean after cleansing. 
I was most interested in the eye cream and was quite surprised by the results. I found the cream visibly lighten my under eye circles. Let it first be known that I don't really mind my under eye circles, they don't bother me as much as having spots for example, but I actually liked how the cream lightened up those areas. I looked a lot more awake! I don't think the photos do it justice, but you can tell there is a noticeable difference. Out of the whole range, this product is my favourite.
The moisturiser has SPF10 which is good because I have trouble finding  cheap moisturisers that contain any kind of SPF here in Luxembourg. As far as brightening goes, I do notice that my face looks less dull after using this cream. It feels really nice on as well and none of these Bebe products made my face itch or feel uncomfortable, which is a huge thumbs up for me. I have also noticed that my face doesn't get oily throughout the day whenever I use this cream, which is a plus.
So far after a month of trying them all out, I am really impressed with these products and will definitely repurchase them when I run out. The amount that you get in each product is more than enough as well, less is more with the eye cream and moisturiser and the cleanser comes in a reasonably sized tube as well. 
Have any of you tried these products before?

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