15 November 2015


Not only is today my lovely little monkey Molly's birthday but it's also my blogs 4th birthday! I haven't exactly been the best at keeping up with it but I'm trying to be more consistent.
My mum baked yummy little dog treats for Molly and then we went on a long walk in the woods as opposed to our usual, boring cycle path walk. Molly was so excited to be going in the car and bounded out of the house just to get to it. As soon as she saw we weren't anywhere near the vets she jumped out of the car with glee and galloped off onto the path. She also got a few extra treats for being such a good girl and not barking at any dogs, humans, leaves falling from the trees, etc...
I can't believe out beautiful baby is already 10 years old, time goes by so fast. But she still looks and acts like a puppy, full of energy and excitement. And she loves her walks despite being stubborn at times. 

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