16 November 2012

Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique

Hi everyone,
The first product from last weeks hair care haul I'm going to review is the Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique which is a leave in, heat-activated, reconstructing milk for brittle and damaged hair. This was one of the first products I bought along with the Masquintense, so I've had a few weeks to try it out.
I've used it every time I washed my hair the past few weeks and although I wouldn't be able to tell you whether or not it has protected my hair brilliantly from heat, the one thing I noticed straightaway is that it's made my hair a lot more manageable and reduced the frizz. My hair usually goes very frizzy if I leave it to dry naturally and even if I do blow dry it, it's still slightly frizzy. I know this product is meant to be used with heat as it is heat-activated, but one day I just ran out of time and left my hair to air dry. Usually this means my hair will go disastrous but this time it was as if I had blow dried it; a little frizz but nothing serious. So when I did use my hairdryer it turned out shiny, smooth and and a lot softer. 
After using it more and more, I have noticed my hair does have less split ends (I am paranoid and am always looking for them!) and my hair seems in better condition already. However it did cost quite a bit (£16.07 for 125ml but I got it for £15.12 as it was on offer) so I'm going to try to not use it every time I wash my hair in order to save it.
I usually use a hazelnut sized amount and run it through the ends of my towel dried hair (starting just below the ear) and the directions also say to massage it through the ends. I then leave it to air dry a bit before blow drying. Another thing I have to say is that it smells like grapefruit and celery, which sounds like a weird mix but it's a nice scent and reminds me of products that hairdressers use.
I recommend this if you're looking for a product that will reduce frizz and protect your hair and if you don't mind spending a bit extra on it too. 

Have you tried this product? Let me know if you liked it.


  1. havent tried this one but i love keratase hair products<3


    1. so far I'm very impressed with them too! :)


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