21 November 2012

DIY: Necklace Storage

storage for short necklaces

Hi everyone,
I thought I'd share a quick and easy DIY tip on storing long necklaces. It's so simple and I'm sure loads of people have thought of it before, but I decided to blog about it just in case. 
Something that has always annoyed me with my necklaces is the no matter how I store them, they always get tangled. You can buy pretty little trees (or other designs) to hang them on but that only worked for my shorter necklaces, the longer ones would still get tangled at the bottom. I thought about how else I could store them to avoid the tangled mess and ended up putting a long nail in my wall, which quite frankly looked ugly and didn't quite solve the tangle problem. So after racking my brains (and everyone elses) I eventually found a decent solution. I went to a hardware store and bought a few packs of Tesa Powerstrips that came with four clear hooks, which my mum recommended (thanks mum!) They're usually used for hanging up decorations or fairy lights, so I knew they'd be able to hold some necklaces.
They're easy to use, stick really well and will definitely not fall down. I'm quite impressed because I tend to forget they're there and wrench the wardrobe door open and they still don't fall down. It also doesn't look messy because the hooks and the sticky strips are both clear. You can find other places to hang them too, just make sure to read the packaging to find out if it sticks to the particular surface that you need it to.
I actually bought a new wardrobe recently and had to take the hooks off the old one, which was harder than I thought it would be. Eventually, I used a hairdryer to make warm them up so that I'd be able to peel them off. It worked well and they didn't leave any marks but the strips weren't as sticky as before so I had to buy new ones to stick on the hooks for the new wardrobe.
How do you store your necklaces?

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