6 December 2011

Mishmash Of A Post

Hey guys! I actually wanted to do this post on Saturday but I was at my boyfriend's and his internet decided to be crap, so I couldn't. Instead, we spent our time doing more Christmas shopping and then watching "A Christmas Carol" in german. Twice. It was either that, or play Call of Duty (which we did in the end, but only because it's his birthday on Thursday and I felt like being nice). Then on Sunday we put up his Christmas Tree, which I will do a post on after this one.

So on Saturday, my boyfriend and I braved the horrible rain and wind to go to town, and get some presents. But first we went to the Christmas market to meet some friends, and it was absolutely freezing! I usually don't mind the cold but cold mixed with rain is horrible. If it had been snowing, it wouldn't have been so bad. 
But on the upside, my boyfriend bought me a new mug to add to my collection! Yay! 

Then we went shopping. I wanted to get some extra presents for my family, so I went to Six which is a jewellery shop, and their stuff is so cute, I love all of it. Maybe I'll post what I bought after Christmas, because I don't want my sisters, Dani and Naty to find out what they're getting. 

I had so much fun picking stuff, because they have so many different things, and I was really tempted to get a bunch of stuff for myself haha. I didn't though, obviously, because I need every last penny for when I'm in England. When I got home, I saw how cute the receipt was! 

While we were out, we had to go and get another parking ticket, and once we'd got to the machine, there were three french people arguing with the machine, which is slightly weird. Apparently, they'd put in two euros and didn't get a ticket. They kept hitting the machine, while we waited for them to go. Once they'd finally given up, we looked at the machine, and tried putting a coin in, because you can tell it won't work if it doesn't accept the coin (which it didn't). I think they'd put too much money in, for the amount of time, so the machine had a tiny meltdown. Anyway, we went to the car to write a note, saying the machine was out of order, when we saw that it had a very long ticket sticking out of it. Which we then took, and looked around for the three people, who were long gone, so we just put it in the car next to our Out of Order paper. So we basically got a free ticket! It's just a shame they left, if they'd have waited a few minutes, they would have got their parking ticket. Oh well, that's impatient people for you. 


  1. wow! that's so amazing! i'm sure your family will love it as i'm also already falling in love for those.Happy Holidays to you :) http://divahause.blogspot.com/2011/11/fashion-style-hot-picks-for-this-hot.html

  2. thank you!:) happy holidays to you too!x


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