6 December 2011

Kleeschen Day

Today, the 6th December, is Kleeschen Day here in Luxembourg. It's sort of a pre-Christmas, and the days leading up to today, you get chocolate put in your shoes. Then on the 6th you get more chocolate and a little present. We've always celebrated this with family friends who are Dutch, which means the way we celebrate is the Dutch way (I think. Unless they've just made it up). Anyway, we usually celebrate the 5th, and have a big dinner, afterwhich the doorbell rings, and you get all excited because no one's left the room (but really someone sneakily does)  and then biscuits fall all over the place, seemingly out of nowhere and you think it's St. Nicolas. Then when you go outside, you find two large sacks full of presents. And it's so mysterious and magical, when you're a child because to you there is no way anyone could have planned it. Now we're all older, we know all the tricks and who did what, and the older kids got to be the ones ringing the door bell. And despite the fact we've all grown up, it's still a lot of fun to do and it's nice to get a little present too. We also get a chocolate letter, which is the first letter of our names. It's such a lovely tradition, because you get to spend time with your family and your friends..
For now I'll show you what we've been getting in our shoes :)
my lovely winter shoes from Pimkie
I actually have no idea how other people celebrate this day, so if any of you do,  I'd love to know!


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