24 December 2011

Update, Christmas Eve & Traditions

Hey guys, we got back from England yesterday and I had so much fun shopping all the time. I went a bit mental and kept buying more and more presents. I also got myself some bits with my Christmas money, the shops in England are so much better than over here! It's nice being back though, despite the fact that it's not snowing! It was sunny today! I hate it, Christmas for me has to have snow, it just doesn't feel right without it. Also my sister is home! Yay! We went for a last minute food shop today, to pick up some necessary bits and bobs, then had a coffee, and the went home, wrapped some presents, put them all around the tree, then went to the Christmas Market to have some Glühwein and I bought yet another cup! I spotted a different coloured one to the ones I had and just had to get it. So now I have four! Then we went home and my boyfriend got me a surprise present, a really cute new mouse because my other one has a really long cable, which is sort of pointless. 
Anyway, we had a nice christmassy day, and no wonder since it's Christmas Eve! So excited! I really can't wait for everyone to open my presents, hope they all like them haha. Like I said, I went a bit mental buying stuff. It's the first Christmas where I've had enough money for more than one present each.Now for a bunch of random pictures. Enjoy!
new mouse
funny, decorated car!

the boy and I
Pastéis de Belém
These last two pictures are of a present from my boyfriend's mum. She'd been to Portugal and bought these back. The funny thing is, I'd seen them on another blog, which you can find here and is really worth looking at, and now I have some too! Quite a nice coincidence :)
So this post is an update of sorts, because I haven't blogged in ages, on account of being on holiday and spending time with my family, shopping, etc. But I also felt like sharing our Christmas Traditions, because I know everyone celebrates differently, especially aroung here. 
my new Christmas mug selection
A lot of people in Luxembourg celebrate on the 24th, and they open their presents at midnight, or in the evening. My grandparents on my dad's side do this too, because my grandmother is from Austria (my grandfather is from India, and my mum's parents are both English). So what we do is, on Christmas Eve, after going up the road to church to watch the live nativity play (we don't do this every year though. Only when we remember. None of us are really religious, it's just nice to see) and after dinner which is usually a curry or an Austrian dish called Lungenbraten (tastes nicer than it sounds), we open one present each, usually from family friends. Then we all sit around together, watch some Christmas movies (usually Love Actually) and then we read The Night Before Christmas. This sounds like we're all children, but it's what we've been doing ever since we were little, and it's a lovely tradition. We'd leave a carrot for Rudolph, a mince pie and some milk out for Father Christmas, then we would work out a time to wake up and we'd go to bed, with our stockings outside our doors (because Father Christmas would never want to wake us up, by actually coming in our rooms) and when we were children it was so magical and exciting, and it still is, even though we know our parents' little tricks, like putting satsumas in and little reindeer shaped chocolates. When we'd wake up, we'd all go downstairs in our jimjams and open the presents that are in our stockings. We'd then get ready, dress up a bit, and then have a huge feast, turky, stuffing, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, the lot! We'd be so stuffed, and then we'd watch more christmassy TV and open more presents. And that pretty much sums up what we do for Christmas.
I think it's kind of the English way of celebrating, but if anyone else does it like this, let me know!

Tell me your Christmas/whatever you celebrate traditions :)


  1. you have beautiful eyes! jealous! xoxo merry christmas please follow back! trendsneversleep.blogspot.com

  2. like your blog!!
    just take a look on mines

  3. hi dear!
    I love that car it's so funny with the red nose, and your mugs gosh they're huge!!!i gotta get one of those since i'm addicted to coffee and tea i pretty much have a collection of mugs from different places i went to i might as well get a Christmas mug too:p
    Well look at that u also got to eat those delicious Pasteis de Belém, lucky you :p and they survived the trip intact :o
    your Christmas traditions are very family, u read story together and all so amazing
    Happy NEW YEAR!!

  4. @Annie aaw thank you!:) x
    @Demi thanks will do :) x
    @Ana thank you so much! :) they're delicious :) happy new year to you too!! x


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