2 December 2011

Favourite Perfumes

First, let me start by admitting that I am CRAP at describing perfume smells, and therefore I must apologise in advance, that this post will mostly just be me saying "yes, I quite like this perfume because it smells nice. So does this one". I'll probably have to quote what google has to say on the matter. But  that's ok because I felt like sharing my favourites, so that's what I'll do.
Hugo XX for women:

I asked for this for Christmas in 2009 I think, and it was the first proper perfume I'd ever actually asked for. My grandparents got it for me and I was thrilled. I really like the smell, funnily enough as it wouldn't be the kind of perfume I'd actually pick now. It's a bit too old for me I think, but I don't mind. I usually use it in the winter because it's quite a heavy smell, if that makes any sense. And I try not to use too much, because that would make it horribly overpowering. It came with a silky bag and a sort of travel bag/case? I don't know how to describe it, but that's where my every day make-up lives. 
So more on the smell: The very elegant Hugo website tells me that the fragrance's lightest notes or first impressions are Lychee, Mandarin and Blackcurrent, so basically nice and fruity. Personally I have no idea what any of those smell like because I'm quite picky about what fruit I like haha. Next, the heart note, the impression that comes after the first is of Basmati Rice (yum) and Jasmine Sambac. And finally the base note or most memorable note, and reason I wanted the perfume (don't remember why exactly but there you go) is Sandalwood. So like I said, I do like it for Autumn/Winter. but it's possibly too old for younger teens. 

There is a story to these next two perfumes, which I will now tell you. Many moons ago (March 2009, on the ferry over to England to be exact) I found a perfume (which will be down below very soon). Since we were over for my birthday, my mum very kindly bought it for me and I absolutely adored it. But then something terrible happened! It ran out. Yup. And I couldn't find it anywhere! I looked here in Luxembourg, and whenever I went to England. Nada. So last Summer my family went to Italy for a few days, and we walked past a perfume shop and there was a sample right outside, which I decided to try. And I was stunned to realise, it was practically the same as my beloved ferry one! Although, it might just be a little bit similiar, because I haven't smelt the other one for ages. But it was definitely similar. So I bought it.
(I am aware I should probably search the internet for the other one, but I never remember if I've already looked or not.
Givenchy Play for Her

And here it is! Well, this isn't actually that exact one because that ran out too (it was the small one) and my boyfriend got me this earlier this year. It is my favourite perfume. Ever. It's a much lighter smell than the Hugo one, which for me means it's a more Spring/Summer perfume, despite the fact that I always use it, whatever season it is. I love it so much, it's sweet but not too sweet. Which is a rubbish description, so off we go to consult our good friend google.
This tells me that this perfume is a woody, sparkling, fruity floral aromatic fragrance, which combines the wonderful smells of Sandalwood (yes, I am starting to see the pattern), Tiare Flower, Amyris Bois de Santal and Pink Peppercorns. Which sounds like a bonkers mix, but actually smells so delicious. And my boyfriend likes it, which means plus points!

And finally, that sneaky, mysterious perfume.
Kate Moss Velvet Hour

Yep, it's a Kate Moss perfume, who funnily enough I don't actually like, but oh well it's just a name. I loved it so much! It was such a nice fresh perfume, and I actually miss it haha. And I really haven't seen it in shops since. So if anyone knows where you can get it, please let me know!
So this website tells me that the perfume has notes of Black Pepper, Freesia and Cashmere incense built into it, and that it also has a heart of Patchouli and Nutmeg. The base notes include Sandalwood (!), Amber, Ebon Wood and woody accords.

So in a nutshell, I like perfumes whose bases include Sandalwood.
 But really I just like the nice smells.
What are your favourite perfumes?

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