12 December 2011

Christmas Tree #2

Continuing my Christmas Tree Comparison, we have my real one. We've always had real ones, which is why I prefer them, but like I said, it's still Christmas no matter what kind of tree you have.

1) They.smell.AMAZING.
2) There's something about going out and searching for that perect one that I really enjoy! It's just so much fun going through all the trees, although this year, my mum and I immediately fell in love with our one. 
3) You get to pick the exact size and width of your tree.
4) If you do choose to get a potted one, you can try and keep it alive for the rest of the year (we've tried this and constantly failed, so we gave up)
5) The different colours and textures. You can't replace that with a fake one. Although the prickly ones can be quite annoying, they are still really pretty with that blue tint and the soft ones are just lovely.
6) It's quite fun to go out with your whole family and buy a tree together. We used to always go up the road and get one together, and it was just a nice, easy family outing.
7) I suppose there's a lot of variety with real trees, you don't just get the standard green, perfectly formed tree. Sometimes it's nice to have one that's lopsided, or has bald patches.
8) It's just a nice, christmassy tradition to have an authentic tree.

So, as you can probably tell, artificial trees have quite a bit more going for them! And I say this as an avid real-tree-lover. But this is just my personal opinion, and I really do enjoy having our little tree tradition. Perhaps when I live alone, I'll opt for an artificial tree. Who knows? As long as we have whatever kind of tree, it's all fine!
What are your personal preferences? :)


  1. N'arw, this tree is so cute! Love the way you've decorated it x



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