18 December 2011

Weekend In London

Hey guys, I'm currently in England (YAY), watching Michael Bublé on TV like many others, and I've just got back from a quick trip to London, with my boyfriend, my sister and her fiancé. It's was so much fun and very Starbucks-filled. I adore the Gingerbread Latte and my boyfriend actually tried something different to a boring hot chocolate. He had and liked the Mocha Praline (if that's what it's called) so that's a step up! We met up on Saturday morning at Victoria Station and spent the whole day in and out of shops on Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and Regent Street, then went to Wagamama for dinner and then to Hyde Park's Winterwonderland, which was right near our hotel, The Cumberland near Marble Arch (so nice). Then we got the bus to Canterbury to meet up with my mum for her birthday lunch. So basically, a really nice weekend, even though my feet hurt like hell! I spent so much money, I literally couldn't contain myself, there was so much stuff! Don't worry though, most of my money was spent on other peoples Christmas presents or spent with money I got from my parents as an early Christmas present. I did get quite a bit of make-up, considering I don't usually spend too much on it. I'll try and do that post now and if not I'll do it tomorrow, because I am so tired! For now, and consider this a warning, there will just be many, many pictures.
Christmas trees in Selfridges
Disney Store
two Minnies :)
amazing street performer
The boy and I :)
Carnaby Street
Regent Street Lights :)
Makeover at Benefit Store & also tried out a curling iron in Debenhams
The Cumberland Hotel  Loby ( = amazing)
the boy (enjoying his bday/xmas treat)
more Disney Store
my sister Dani (http://www.polkadani.blogspot.com) and I
(this photo is a lie, she's actually taller than me)

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