1 December 2011

I LOVE Everything About Christmas!...I Think

Don't worry, that's just some of them
I've said this often enough, because it is true and anyone who knows me knows that I love Christmas. I love:

the decorations, 
the lovely smells, 
the yummy food, 
the great atmosphere,
the music, 
the rush to get all your Christmas shopping done in time,
the giving and receiving of presents,
the Christmas markets,
seeing family, 
Christmas tv shows & movies,
the big roast on Christmas day and then leftovers on Boxing day,
reading The Night Before Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve,
choosing and decorating the Christmas tree,
and the list goes on.

But there is ONE thing, just the one, that I do not like: wrapping presents. 
I love choosing wrapping paper and hearing it rustle, but I despise wrapping presents more than crowded shops and never-ending queues, simply because I can never get it nice and neat and perfect the way my mum, shop assistants and MY BOYFRIEND can. Even he can do it better than I can! (I blame his precision and perfectionism) It's just not fair. I keep trying to make it all nice and just can't. And then I get annoyed and feel like ripping it all up which is, quite frankly, ridiculous. I'm writing this after having just wrapped all my presents and still feel that horrible frustration. My boyfriend had to take over! How silly is that? He's a boy! He's supposed to be messy and he isn't. I am. And that is very, very annoying.

Sorry for the rant. It had to be done. On a different note, I have finally succombed to the twitter hype, and have made myself one, so if you want to, follow me (@minerella11). Although I'm quite boring since I have no idea how it works yet!

What do you love/hate about Christmas?


  1. I still love christmas -DESPITE wrapping presents! its not that bad really, especially if you add some pretty ribbons or holly leaves x

  2. Hahaha I love this post. I am feeling very christmassy and excited and I love to see other people doing the same. I actually really love wrapping my presents- I am in no way neat. I like to think thats how people know they are from me :-P the shoddy wrapping job! Haha!

    My worst bit of christmas is having to take down and pack away the decorations. Not only is it so sad. I just find it so boring and horrrrible!



  3. @kb Yeah I suppose that would help. I like it when everything's wrapped and finished haha x

    @loveletters and snippets me too, I love reading anything christmas related! Yeah, same here, that's definitely how people know that it's from me :p ooh very true! especially when doing the tree! It's depressing haha x

  4. hahaha I can only wrap presents well if they are square box shaped! Any kind of other shape... and its a mad crazy mess with gaps or 9 layers of paper! xxx

  5. I can't even manage to do that neatly! and if it's not square, then it gets wrapped like a sweet and that's that (or I ask my mum to do it haha) :) x

  6. haha exactly, Mums should just wrap all presents :D x

  7. yeah haha :p apart from their presents of course!but oh well they're our mums and will love us despite our terrible wrapping skills :p x


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