13 December 2011

Update & A Quick Tip

I haven't been posting much these last few days, because there's been so much going on. My boyfriend's birthday, his party, getting Christmas stuff ready before going away, a Christmas Parade and many visits to the dentist. (They keep messing up my mouth guard, which will hopefully stop me from grinding my teeth when I'm asleep. Unfortunately, I've been to the dentist 6 times (they must be so sick of my face) and still not got it. grrr) And now, to top it all off, I'm ill and I have to get better by Friday, so fingers crossed!

the birthday boy opening his pressies

My boyfriend turned 21 on Thursday, and we celebrated on Saturday and made fajitas. Yum! He got a Playstation Move thing and everyone was dancing and having fun, while I sat there in all my illness being stupidly ill.(Not happy.) It was still funny watching them all fail slightly at dancing, but ho hum, can't be great at everything. Although my boyfriend was weirdly good! I'm worried! Then again he's such a silly perfectionist, no wonder he's good at it.

the epic T-Shirt my mum gave him :)
Now for a quick, random tip, just in case you ever do something silly like us. My mum and I got a few new tree decorations, really lovely dark red baubles that would look really nice in our living room. And then we opened them. It turned out they didn't have any string to attach them to the branches. So instead of going out and buying some, or going through our garden stuff, my mum had a brilliant idea of using another christmas decoration, that we weren't going to use anyway. And they turned out quite nice.

the baubles
scissors and some old, unused christmas decoration/tinsle(not sure how to describe it)
just cut a bit of it and attach. Simples!


  1. Your mum knows what to get for your bf's present lol that shirt so funny :).

  2. haha it really is :p it's very 'him' :) x

  3. I use to grind my teeth and as soon as I figured out that I did it when I was stressed I seemed to be able to control it more, goodluck with the mouthguard :-)

  4. stumbled across your blog... its super cutee
    i love it <3



  5. thank you, that's so sweet! :) x

  6. @Megan I didn't even notice, because I only do it when I'm asleep and wouldn't have known if my boyfriend hadn't told me :p thank you! I got the new one today so hopefully I won't break it this time haha x


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