12 December 2011

Christmas Tree #1

I mentioned in one of my posts that I'd show you our Christmas Trees (mine and my boyfriend's). We only just got ours today, and since mine is real, and my boyfriend's artificial, I thought why not do a post comparing them both? So I will. But just so you all know, I wouldn't mind either, because it's fun decorating them, real or not.

1) You can keep your tree stashed away somewhere in the house, without having to worry about buying a new one, or planting your bought one and keeping it alive. 

2) The tree won't make any mess when your putting it up. Needles in your feet? Not good.

3)  You don't have go out and look for nicest one around, every.single.year. 

4)  It won't have any dead bits, or creepy crawlies. Yuck.

5)  You won't have to worry about bald bits, or one side being too fat and the other too skinny.

6) It's cheaper. We saw a few that were over 30€ and they weren't even nice!

7) It's easier to put up. You just put it together like lego.

8) It's slightly more environmentally friendly, because, ok it's made out of plastic, but just the once and not so many trees will have to be cut down. Also you won't have to drive all over the place to find the perfect one. Also, it's easier for people without cars, they won't have to go around, lugging a huge tree behind them.

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