14 February 2015

Coconut Berry Smoothie

Once again I have a recipe that is so easy it shouldn't be allowed to be referred to as a recipe. I thought this would be a nice, last minute Valentine's day treat if you want to do something special but don't want to/forgot to buy chocolates or a card. It's a really yummy smoothie type treat that takes no time at all. And it's pink! 
You could of course substitute all the fruit for other fruit of your choice as this doesn't have to just be Valentine's day appropriate. Hope you enjoy this 'recipe'!


3 pots of greek yoghurt 
handful of raspberries
handful of blueberries
handful of strawberries
coconut sprinkles 
3 tbs honey

Serves 2

Put the yoghurt, honey, a handful of raspberries and strawberries (you could add blueberries but the whole point is to make the yoghurt pink) and some grated coconut into a blender. That's it, that's literally all you have to do. 
You can drink it like that or you can do what I did which was layer some more berries and some muesli in a large glass, then pour in the smoothie mixture and top with more berries and grated coconut. I also (tried to) cut a strawberry to resemble a heart since this is meant to be a Valentine's day treat. 

Milkshake glasses - Delhaize
Paper straws - Ava

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