21 September 2014

Room Details

A little peek into my room! 
I have always loved decorating rooms, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I decided to completely redo my bedroom. A few million trips to IKEA, Blokker, Casa and Hema later and I am finally really happy with how my room looks. It is now my favourite place to hide away and relax. I think it's worth investing time and money in the place where you will spend the majority of your time. My bedroom is not only the place where I sleep, but it's also my study area, my makeup and hair room, my chill out and watch TV place, all in one. 
We recently had to add on to my wardrobe so that my boyfriend had more room for his clothes and that gave me the opportunity to clear out my whole wardrobe. It may sound weird, but I really enjoyed going through and sorting everything out. The majority of the unwanted clothes is going to charity of course. I also sorted out all of my warm weather clothes and put them away. (Can you tell that I am really eager for autumn and winter to come? They are my absolute favourite seasons.) I like how my wardrobe now only holds the clothes that I will definitely wear instead of a bunch of stuff I never even throw a glance at. 
Once I'm in the cleaning mood, I get a bit carried away and sort out everything. It's addictive. I also felt like my room needed an injection of colour here and there, because up until now it's been mostly monochrome. 
I bought some fake flowers and a lovely vase from IKEA, to brighten it up a bit. As much as I like getting real flowers, they don't last very long and I'm a bit notorious for not remembering to water plants, so fake flowers work perfectly. I also put out two of my favourite Yankee Candles, Pink Sands and Season of Peace (which is a winter candle but it smells so fresh, that I keep it all year round.) 
I found a temporary place for my kitchenware, which I have written about here. It's actually quite difficult to find chalk nowadays, how odd is that? But I ended up finding some in Hema, which is one of my favourite shops. You can find all sorts there. 
I decided to buy a cork board and a magnetic board to hang up notes and photos, as opposed to hiding them away somewhere. 
All in all, I'm really happy with how my room looks, especially with all the new personal touches and hints of colour. It reflects me really well. If it weren't for the fact that I'm probably going to moving out soon, I would repaint it too. Maybe cream and taupe, as they are my favourite colour combination. But for now, I'm satisfied with how it looks. 
Hope you've enjoyed this slightly different blog post. I might do a few more interior-esque blog posts, as I do really enjoy reading them myself for inspiration (as well as flicking through an IKEA catalogue!)


  1. I love this post, please do more of them. Gorgeous photos & I love your white Love ornament where is it from? As I've been looking for one like that for ages xx


    1. Thank you! :) I got mine from a shop called Blokker, but I have seen similar ones on Amazon! Mine is actually a photo frame (the O) but I just removed the back part of it, as I preferred it without a photo. Hope this helps :) x


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