7 July 2014

Homeware Haul

Chalk Board: 14,99€
Key Holder: 9,99€
Little Pillow: 3,99€
Doorstop: 6,99€
Coffee Tin: 3,99€
Sugar Tin: 3,99€
Tea Tin: 1,99€
Bag: 1,00€

Casa is one of those shops that I go into not needing anything in particular and come out with about half a million things (much to my boyfriend's dismay). This time was no different. I went in and lost control. I swear. 
Casa and Blokker are both Aladdin's cave type of shops that sell knickknacks ranging from interior decoration to dishwasher tablets (for a good price too, by the way!). They usually both stock similar things, which is good if one is nearer to you than the other. In my case they were next to each other! But I ended up only going into Casa. I particularly like the shabby chic stuff they sell, such as trays and armchairs. 
Most of the things I bought are for when I move out. I like to plan ahead and I also just couldn't resist. The first thing I put it my basket was a chalk board. Why? I don't know, I just wanted it. I also got a matching key holder, which was just too cute. For the meantime, I'll find a place for them somewhere in my bedroom. 
The next few things will probably be stored away until I do actually move out. I got three retro style tins, one for coffee, one for tea and the last one for sugar (or biscuits). I love the pastel colours and the style of them and they will definitely be put to good use, since I drink both tea and coffee.
Lastly, I saw a few pillows and doorstops on display and thought they were really adorable. I love the cute little messages and the neon colour against the beige. My bedroom is mostly white with black accessories and these definitely brighten it up a little.
One of my favourite things of all is the bag! I think it's a perfect summery beach bag and it will definitely be coming on holiday with me!

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