16 July 2014

Dip Hem Maxi Dress

Dress - C&A
Necklace - H&M
Earrings - Next
Watch - DKNY
Wedges - Chaussea

This is the outfit I wore for my sister's graduation dinner. It was quite a stuffy, warm day so I wanted something light to wear. My mum actually bought this dress from C&A last year but ended up giving it to me. It's a maxi dress, but has a dip hem, meaning the front is shorter than the back. It came with a necklace included but I didn't really like it so I took it off. Instead I chose to wear my new H&M rose gold chain necklace, which I love. It's a really nice addition to any outfit and ties the outfit together nicely. I also wore my Next earrings that went well with the necklace and my DKNY rose gold watch. I feel like this is such an easy outfit but the accessories really make it look a lot nicer and make it seem like I made more of an effort. 

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