11 July 2014

How To: Wash Brushes

I wanted to share with you how I wash my brushes. There's no real incredibly unique method, but I do use several different products and I always like reading how people do it too. Let me start by saying that when it comes to washing brushes, I am very lazy. Which is why I bought a antibacterial spray to use in between washes. But since I am going away, I wanted to deep clean my most used brushes so that they are nice and pristine. In order to do this, I use three different products: The Pro Hygiene Collection Makeup Sponge & Brush Sanitizing Wash, Bioderma Solution Micellaire and The Pro Hygiene Collection Antibacterial Makeup Spray.
I start by filling a small bowl, in my case a hair dying bowl, with a small amount of Bioderma. Then I fill my sink with lukewarm water. I have all of my brushes and the brush shampoo to hand and get started. I have a particular process which goes like this: dip the brush into the lukewarm water, put some of the brush shampoo onto my hand and swirl the brush around in it, then I dip it back into the water and then into the Bioderma. Then I rinse it until there are no bubbles left and place it upside down onto a towel so that the brush is at the bottom. Then repeat all of those steps until you have no more brushes left.
Once I finish washing all of my brushes, I fold the towel so that I can stand the brushes against it, again so that the actual brush part is at the bottom. I then use the antibacterial spray on each of them, just so they are extra clean.
And that's it! Which products do you like to use on your brushes?

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