6 July 2014

Restaurant Everest

My sister, Naty, graduated from Lycée on Friday and in order to celebrate, our dad took us all out to dinner. Naty recommended an Indian/Nepalese restaurant called Restaurant Everest, which is situated near the Gare de Luxembourg. We are usually creatures of habit and tend to stick to one restaurant but her choice turned out to be an extremely good one!
The restaurant itself doesn't look like much from the outside, but don't let that put you off. It's also quite hidden on a back road, running parallel with Avenue de la Gare. The interior is quite small, but nice and cosy and the staff are really friendly. They also had a TV that was showing the Colombia - Brazil match, which everyone was happy about. I don't know why exactly, but it felt like we were on holiday in Spain, what with the football and the relaxed atmosphere. 
We always order four different dishes and a few naans or chapatis and share everything between the five of us (and always end up taking a lot home!). My dad spotted that they had Nepalese Momos on the menu, so we started with those. They are basically delicious, little meat-filled steamed dumplings that come with a mint sauce and a spicy tomato chutney. We had to refrain from eating all of them so that we'd still have room for the main course, but they were seriously amazing. Our dad likes to tell us that Momos are actually tiny furry creatures that live on Mount Everest and in order to eat them, you have to hit them with a hammer. I'm not entirely sure how he managed to come up with this story or where it originated from, but there you go. (Little disclaimer that the dumplings obviously never used to be little furry creatures, just in case you were worried.)
For our main course we ordered lamb keema curry (my absolute favourite), lamb tikka masala, chicken korma and chicken green kebab, all of which were amazingly tasty. We also got a variety of naans, including cheese and garlic, as well as dal tadka and rice. I don't usually eat too much when we go to Indian restaurants but I actually had a second helping of the lamb keema. 
Then for dessert, Stefane and I shared a Dame Blanche (completely authentic haha) and also ordered some coffees because they smelled really good. It ended up being fairly expensive, but we did over order and the quality and taste of the food was excellent.
We all left feeling completely stuffed, takeaway bags in tow. The restaurant has a website, which I will link here. You can order takeaway straight from the website, which is surprisingly advanced for Luxembourg restaurants.

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