18 July 2014

Halo Braid

Another day, another plait! This time I decided to do a halo braid, which is basically meant to look like there's a plait going all around the head, like a halo! It's quite simple and looks really nice with waves or curls. 
You'll need a brush, little elastic bands, pins, and hairspray but that's optional. I think this works best if you have mid to long hair.
Start by taking a section from behind but on the right side of your head. Make sure you leave hair above this section to cover it later. I forgot to do that and you can see where the plaits start, but that's not a huge problem.
Divide your section in two and clip the one furthest from your face out of the way for now. Start plaiting the section nearest your face and then use an elastic band to tie it. You can pull it apart a bit so it looks fuller, or you can leave it small, it's up to you. 
Take down the section you clipped away and repeat the last step, plaiting it normally, securing it with an elastic band and pulling it apart. Now cross the back plait over the front so that it will go over the front of your head. Position it where you want it, as if it were a headband braid, and pin it in place. 
Take the second now back plait and go around the back of your head. If it feels loose, pin it in place. Once you reach the top, tuck the end under the first plait and pin it. Spray it with hairspray if you want to make sure it all stays in place. And you're done! 

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