15 October 2014

The Autumn Tag

Hi everyone! I felt like doing an autumn themed tag today, so I googled a few and picked my favourite. I ended up adding a few extra questions because the more, the merrier right? Hope you enjoy it and feel free to do it too! I tag Dani!

Favourite things about Autumn?
The cooler weather, the colours, Halloween and being cosy. Also the fact that it means winter and christmas are near!

Favourite Autumn drink?
Hot chocolate! Nesquik or Swiss Miss, to be precise. I also love gingerbread lattes but that's more of a winter drink. 

Favourite Autumn meal?
Anything that has butternut squash in it!

Favourite Autumn treat?
Halloween themed biscuits

Favourite Autumn candle?
I love this random candle that I found in TK Maxx last year. It's called Fall Festival by Empire Home.

Favourite Autumn scent?
The Dark Amber range by Zara Home smells amazing! Another favourite scent is Teck & Tonka by a brand called Esteban Paris. I also adore the smell of bonfires.

Go to moisturiser:
I don't really have a favourite moisturiser which is really bad. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Go to lip product:
MAC lipstick in Captive or Rimmel Apocolips in Eclipse. (Blogpost here)

Go to eyeshadows:
any bronze or matte brown eyeshadow

Go to perfume:
Lancôme La Vie est Belle

Go to nail varnish:
Essie Bahama Mama

Go to outfit:
cosy jumpers, leggings and boots

Go to accessory:
my beanie 

Go to hair style:
loose waves or all pulled back into a high ponytail

Favourite band/singer?
I don't really have a favourite for autumn specifically but my current favourites are Bastille, Jetta and Daughter. I've also rediscovered my love for The Spill Canvas and Stars.

Favourite Halloween film?
I know it's technically a christmas film, but I love Nightmare before Christmas. I used to love (and still do) all of the Halloweentown movies and Hocus Pocus. This year I'll probably end up watching whichever horror film my boyfriend picks out though.

Favourite horror film?
Probably The Conjuring

Favourite scary TV show?
Release the Hounds and American Horror Story, but I also love when TV shows do Halloween specials.

Favourite activity?
Going for walks with my boyfriend and my dog, Molly, pumpkin carving/decorating and decorating my room with autumnal colours.
last years pumpkin creation

Favourite place to be?
Tucked up in bed with a hot chocolate, a few magazines and a cheesy Halloween film.

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