3 October 2014

Inspired Look: Lydia Martin | Teen Wolf

Outtake: looking into an imaginary crystal ball
Jumper - H&M
Skirt - Asos (similar)
Tights - Primark
Boots - Primark
Watch - DKNY

I really love TV shows. It's no secret. Who doesn't love TV shows? One of my absolute favourites is Teen Wolf and one of my favourite characters on that show is Lydia Martin. Not only is she a really interesting character but her hair and her outfits always look amazing no matter what the situation is. Which is kind of cool and I'm slightly jealous but oh well. 
I found this jumper in the sale section of H&M a few months ago and I got it for a stupidly low price. I had seen it beforehand and it was one of those situations where you want the clothing item but just never get around to buying it. So needless to say I was really happy to have found it in the sale.
While watching season 4 of Teen Wolf, I saw that Lydia wore the same/a similar jumper in one of the episode, except it was cropped. After having a "omg I have that jumper" squealy moment (and also showing my brother who watches it too but didn't seem to care, funnily enough) I calmed down enough to think of maybe doing an inspired look blogpost, once sweater weather arrived. So here we are! 
I want to point out that the outfit is Lydia Martin inspired, not the hair and makeup, although I do love her looks (future blogpost maybe?). I did put a small side plait in my hair, similar to this one, because she does have a lot of different plaited/braided hair styles, but nothing too special. And I have done a separate blogpost on the makeup look that I did for these photos, so keep an eye out for that.
I paired the jumper with a simple, black skater skirt that I bought from Asos a few years ago and tucked it in to give the cropped look without having to chop up my jumper. Lydia rarely wears flat shoes, but I don't own any boots that have much of a heel hence why I am wearing flats. 
I'm quite proud of how the outfit turned out and it's definitely something I would wear. It's not too dressy and not too casual which is always good. 
Do you watch Teen Wolf? Who are your favourite characters?


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