26 May 2014

Accent Plait

I've decided to start doing Hair of the Day blogposts, since I've recently been experimenting with different hair styles, rather than just leaving my hair down. I really like doing plaits and would love to try more difficult hair styles using them. This first one is really easy and great if you just want to do a small change to your usual style.
I was a bit bored with my hair and did a simple plait on one side of my head, starting from the top. Then I secured it with a tiny, black elastic band and got two hair pins ready. I parted the hair on the opposite side of the plait and flipped a section over so I could pin the plait underneath. I flipped the hair back over and made sure it hid the pins and the end of the plait. I left my fringe out but you could incorporate it into the plait as well. I left the rest of my hair natural but curls would look great with this style too.
You could even do two plaits, one on each side, but I thought it would look nice like this as well. 

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