12 May 2014

Coyote Café

This restaurant is right next to one of the main two cinemas in Luxembourg (yes there are only two big cinemas here) and I have never eaten there. Until now, of course. It is a Mexican/burger place that serves amazing curly fries. Actually, it's probably the only place in Luxembourg that serves curly fries, but don't quote me on that.
I love Mexican food almost as much as I love Italian food, so needless to say I was excited about going. We were lead to our seats and were handed treasure maps. Or menus. But I'm sticking with treasure maps.
We ordered cheesy nachos to start with and when they arrived, they were served in a metal, guitar shaped tray, lined with newspaper. As far as cheesy nachos go, these were nice. Better than Chi Chis, that's for sure. 
Next came our mains. I ordered chicken quesadillas and Stefane ordered the monster burger and curly fries. I had to try one for the purpose of this blogpost, obviously. Definitely not because they looked delicious and I always pinch his chips. Because I definitely do not do that. Ever. Ok maybe always. Moving on.
My quesadilla was amazingly cheesy and scrumptious. The grilled chicken pieces tasted great. My only criticism is that it was slightly too big. I would have prefered it if it had been half of the quesadilla with some salad, because it was far too much for me to finish sadly. 
My only regret is not having a cocktail (or rather mocktail) afterwards. The cocktails are apparently amazing according to my sister. I don't like alcohol so I usually stick to the non-alcoholic versions of cocktails, but for 7€ each, I decided not to. Maybe one day when we don't go there for dinner, just for drinks.
All in all, I liked this place. Quirky, rocker style interior and treasure map menus aside, the food itself was great too. 


  1. Ahh I used to go there! The cocktails are good, average prices but you can get through a couple quite easily! I used to have the quesadilla too and had the same problem, a salad would have been nice and it is just too big to eat, maybe share with someone and get a salad to share too? xx

    1. It's weird that I had never been before haha! oh and they got rid of Subway!!
      Good idea, will probably do that next time but Nat had said the curly fries were good and we all know Stefane loves curly fries haha xx


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