21 May 2014

Sick Day

Outtake: It's not a proper OOTD without a fail photo of me tripping up or pulling a weird face! Or in this case, both.
T-shirt - H&M 
Leggings - Asos
Shoes - Primark
Necklace - H&M

I've been ill these last few days and today was the first day I actually felt up to putting on a bit of makeup and making an effort with my outfit. Unfortunately today was the one day where the sun decided to have a break. It was the worst kind of weather, sticky and warm but overcast. My hair especially hates this kind of weather, because it just goes frizzy and horrible so I ended up doing a simple side plait, to keep it out of the way but still look pretty.
I have a slight obsession with v-necks at the moment, v-neck t-shirts, v-neck dresses, v-neck jumpers,... If I see any kind of v-neck, I just have to have it. I actually have this t-shirt twice now. I spotted it in H&M one day and fell in love with it. It's a lovely thin material and is super comfortable. They only had one left and it was a size M. I would usually buy a size L but when I held it up against me I thought it would be fine as it was very loose and oversized. Then just the other day I was in H&M and saw it again. Having completely forgotten how loose the M was I picked up an XL since once again they only had one left. It was only when I got home that I realised it was the same t-shirt, which isn't a problem. When I tried it on, it was obviously very oversized but again I don't actually mind because it's a good t-shirt to wear over leggings as it covers the bum! I'm wearing the XL in these photos.
The leggings I'm wearing a really comfortable but a little bit see through, which is why the t-shirt is a good idea. I would also recommend going a size down because there's a lot of extra material at the top and bottom of them! I actually have to pull them up so that they are almost under my boobs, which is not a good look. 
My brother gave this necklace to me a few years ago for Christmas and I hardly ever wear it because it can get quite tangled but I love the colour for Spring. I obviously couldn't find a link to the exact one but H&M have a similar necklace now.
I'm off to go and blow my nose and have a few hundred Strepsils now!
Hope you are all having a great day!

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