18 May 2014

Healthy Bread

Hi everyone,
This recipe will be slightly different to my others because I don't want to just copy and paste the recipe here, so instead I will link it at the end of this blogpost. I just adore this recipe so much that I wanted to share it with all of you.
A few weeks ago I tried out this recipe after seeing it on one of my favourite blogs, thelondoner. I have always wanted to bake my own bread but I found the idea quite daunting and time consuming, so when I saw Rosie's blogpost, I knew I had to give it a try.
The recipe doesn't require yeast so you don't have to knead it and there's no need to leave it for ages to rise. You only need to bake it for around 20-25 minutes. It's also low carb, so basically the perfect kind of fuss free bread.
It tastes amazing and one slice fills you up without giving you that heavy feeling that you can sometimes get after eating bread. This is perfect for me in the mornings because I can't stomach eating a lot to keep me full during the day. This way I can have just one slice and not feel sick afterwards.
Everyone who has tried it, loved it, which is surprising to me because it's so hard to find something everyone likes. There's usually at least one fussy person! 
The consistency is slightly cakey and quite moist but it holds its shape nicely and is delicious when toasted. I love it with some mashed up avocado and a sprinkle of paprika, whereas my boyfriend prefers it with some jam. 
What I love most about this bread is how easy and simple it is to make. You just have to mix the wet ingredients with the dry, pop it in a loaf tin and bake. 
I've made this bread three times so far and it has worked every time. I tried tripling the recipe recently because my loaf tin was quite big and the only thing you have to do is add a few minutes to the baking time. Other than that it worked out really well. 
As I said before, I won't include exact measurements and instructions, so if you want to try out this recipe, head over to Rosie's blogpost
Hope you have all had a great weekend!

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