15 January 2012

Christmas Presents 2011 & Update

Please excuse how very late this post is, I've been such a bad blogger. I've been suffering from what I can only call procrastination. I completely lost the will to blog after New Years, mainly because I got a horrible flu-type thing, which meant I lost my voice for a few days, and generally felt like crap. But I'm all better now, and will be starting work tomorrow (a week late.gnaah) but on account of it being a pharmacy, they were all very nice and understanding. THE IRONY, I KNOW! So yeah, all better now, though if it's the same as what my mum had, then I'm doomed to have this stuffy nose and silly voice for a few more days. Then, last week the internet died, because some numpty decided to drill into the wires or whatever it is, causing not one, not two but THREE blackouts, which in turn made the modem decided to completely reboot! And of course, we had no idea what to do because we're all technology-stupid, apart from my dad and my boyfriend, both of which weren't here. On the upside, my brother got all three 'The Inbetweeners' seasons, so we watched them all together and oh my god, it is so good! I have no idea how I haven't seen them before! I've been missing a lot of good comedy! Eventually, my boyfriend got the internet working (thank god) and now we're all happy and shiny people, glued to their laptops/iPhones/Playstations. Yeah.
Anyway, enough rambling and onto the christmas presents! This isn't a "oh look what I got, I'm so spoilt blablabla" post, I personally like seeing what other people got for Christmas/Birthdays etc because it's gives me ideas on what to get other people/myself. Also, I'll probably split this post, because I got a lot of body stuff like shower gel and body butters, so I'll do a sort of review post on all of that, so don't fret if there are some stuff here and there, and then missing! I'll also do a separate post on the make-up I got :)
books from my grandparents, parents, sister Dani, and her fiancé's family (i.e. the amazing Stephie and her parents)  
key necklace from my brother 
iPhone cover from my uncles, it's so cute!
lovely jimjams from my Mama and cute socks from my grandparents
this epic box from my cousin!
 Minnie Mouse Mineral Make-Up from Boots, which I bought with the money my parents gave me, along with other stuff

Apologies for the crap lighting in the last few pictures. It's so difficult to get proper lighting here, although the last few days have been so sunny, but typically the sun came far too late. 
What did you get for Christmas? :) If you've done similar posts, let me know by leaving a comment with your blog!


  1. The night before christmas is a great book! i just couldnt put it down!!

    p.s now following you hunni x

    1. yay, look forward to reading it :) I haven't had time yet, but will get cracking this week :D
      aww thank you :) x


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