16 January 2012

Soapy Haul

As I said in the last post, I wanted to keep the bathy type stuff separate, so I can review the products too. Some of these are things I picked up when we were in London, and the rest are presents I got from my family. The stuff I got in London are technically also presents, because I bought them with the money my parents gave me.

1. Hotel Minnie Washbag

I saw this in Boots and I had to have it for obvious reasons (my name). It's so cute and I love the design. It came with a shower gel, a body lotion and a cute mouse-shaped brush. I haven't used the stuff yet, so this will be a crummy review, but it smells so nice. The bag itself is quite big, but not too huge, I use it as a travelling make-up/wash bag. It has a strip of pink and white striped fabric which is so cute and a little black bow too. I think it cost about £10-£12, I can't really remember. I also got a small make-up bag from the same brand from my boyfriend, which is really cute, but I'll save that for a what's in my make-up bag post.

2. Soap & Glory

2.1. The Righteous Butter
I was a Soap & Glory virgin before London. Dani and I went into Boots and saw the huge bag with 10 Soap&Glory products for £25. We immediately had the same thought: buy it and split it between us! So we spent £12.50 each for 5 products. And I am so glad we did! This stuff smells bloody amazing and the only reason I haven't used it before, is because it doesn't exist in Luxembourg (typical). But now I have and urgh nothing will ever compare to this stuff. Just the smell alone! Anyway, the product itself it a body butter, and I picked this because everytime I shower, my arms and legs itch so much. So I use this after I've showered and it works so well. The stuff I usually use (a mishmash of whatever isn't empty) soothes the itch for a few minutes and then it comes back. But I find this stuff works really well and I don't itch at all after using it.

2.2. Clean On Me
This is a shower gel, which works like a shower gel. Not much I can say, apart from once again it smells like heaven. I love it so much so, that I try to avoid using it so that I don't waste it which is absolutely ridiculous, isn't it? 

2.3. Off Your Face
These are make-up removing, cleansing face wipes and they work a treat! They're soft and smell good (of course). I bagsied these but unfortunately Dani forgot that tiny little detail and used most of them. So she'll be paying me £2.50 for them. Grr.

I also got the Soap&Glory Sexy Motherpucker Lipgloss in Candy Gloss, which I've already posted about, and the 125ml version of Hand Food, which is a non-greasy hydrating hand cream, which I gave to my mum as one of her Christmas presents, because she loves hand creams.
3. Lee Stafford Products

3.1. Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shampoo & Conditioner
I love these products, I've used them before and they make my hair a lot easier to handle, which is the most that I can hope for what with my wavy hair. It smells so nice, I can't describe the smell, but it's just so amazing. And although it works wonders with my hair, it doesn't with my sister's hair. She said it makes her hair greasy, and she prefers Aussie stuff. I've only used certain Aussie products a handful of times, and I thought that those products make my hair greasy. So that just shows that, things that work for me won't always work for everyone, even my own sister!
3.2. Lee Stafford Heat Protection Spray
This is the first time I've used this product, and I don't really know how I can tell if it works. The ends of my hair are dry and broken already so I just can't tell. But it smells great, so yeah. Haha. I just spray it on my damp, almost dry hair, before blowdrying it, and then again if I straighten it.
 4. Bed Head Ego Boost Split-End Mender

I'd read a lot about this leave-in conditioner one and have been on the lookout for it since March 2011 (while trying not to resort to online shopping because of the ridiculous prices). So when we were in England, my mum and I went all around to find Moroccan Oil for my sister, Dani, and the nearest place was a village away, in a little hair salon. So we got there and my mum bought it and then I spotted this. I asked the woman how much it was, and expected it to be £20 or something (I'm not very price-savvy) and was surprised and happy when she said it was £12.50. I bought it and I'm so glad I did, because it is amazing! It doesn't make my split-ends disappear completely, because the only way to do that is to chop 'em off. But it does make them less visible, and it makes my hair super soft and easy to manage. It also smells like sweets! I love it!
5. Coco

Not sure what this brand is called, it was a stocking filler from my mum(or father christmas) and it's all coconut smelling products which I love! The smell reminds me of holidays and pina coladas. It came with a perfume, a body lotion and a shower gel.
6. Caudalie Travel Bag

I got this from my boyfriend's sister, and it's a little travelbag which contains body lotion, make-up remover, a lipbalm, shampoo, shower gel and a moisturiser. I haven't tried anything yet, apart from the lipbalm and the moisturiser, and they seem quite good.


  1. Getting Soap & Glory on offer is always the best, especially as just one of the body butters is usually around £12 x

    1. Wow then it really is a good deal!hope they do more :) x


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