17 January 2012

ELF Haul

My make-up brush collection at the beginning (until November) of 2011 consisted of maybe two or three brushes. One of which I stole borrowed from my sister, the other two I got from Primark. Why not? 
So I figured it was about time I updated my brush "collection" (perhaps "small group" is a better description?) so, after having been introduced to ELF by my cousin Naomi, I decided to browse their website, and had a mini-heart attack while doing so. It's so cheap! And by cheap, I don't mean bad quality. Just cheap! Which is great if you love a good bargain, which I think everyone does. Apart from people who feel the need to prove themselves and define themselves by buying pricey things just for the sake of it. Once in a while and making a big deal out of it because it's a luxury? Absolutely, because it is. But constantly banging on about how expensive and wonderfully exclusive your pricey crap is, just for the sake of wasting money, and not actually caring about the product itself, therefore showing off? Not good. I don't mean to offend anyone by this, it's just I actually know a person(not a blogger) who is like this and it disgusts me. Especially because when it comes to important stuff, they are really stingy. Urgh. Which is why I love reading blogs. I haven't yet come across a braggy kind of blogger, only the ones who use and review drugs store and the occaisonal high end products, which is good because that way we learn things. Rant over!  
Here is my haul! I won't review them yet because I haven't used them yet properly, but a review will come one day!

Daily Brush Cleaner - £2.45
Brush Shampoo - £3.50

Eye Crease Brush - £1.50

Small Angled Brush - £3.50

Eyeshadow Brush - £1.50

Blending Eye Brush - £1.50

Defining Eye Brush - £1.50

Smudge Eye Sponge - £1.50
So far, I like them all. They're really soft and good quality, as far as I can tell. The Shampoo and Cleaner both smell really nice, and the first thing I did was wash my good old trio of brushes. The small angled brush works a treat for filling in eyebrows, it applies very softly and doesn't leave any harsh lines, which is great! I'll update you after having used them a bit more!

Have you bought any ELF brushes before? Would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I haven't bought any brushes from them, but I am wanting to try the brush cleaner, so you will have to let me know what they are like? xx

    1. so far it's great, cleans away every last bit of makeup and it smells great too :) when using the spray, the brushes dry really quickly, whereas with the shampoo it takes a couple of hours, but then again you wouldn't use the shampoo after every use and you'd be washing them with water instead of just spraying and drying :) hope that helps! x

  2. oooh I didn't know they did a brash cleaner. Will be buying this!


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