2 December 2012

Christmas Countdown: Advent Calendars & City Lights

Hi everyone,
I apologise for the lack of blogposts this week, I've been really ill and didn't feel up to doing anything at all but hopefully I'll get back on track now I'm feeling a bit better.
I'm going to be doing Christmas related posts throughout the month, where I'll share something christmassy like recipes, decorations, Christmas markets and whatever else I get up to. 

Every year, for as long as I remember, we've had the same reusable advent calendar which you fill yourself. This year we have little Lindt reindeer, which are so cute and really yummy. While we were shopping for things to fill it with, we spotted a really cool advent calendar and decided to get it too. You have to download an app and then scan the door you open and you see this cute little holographic figure. I think it's such an original idea and can't wait to see what comes next.
Another type of advent calendar that I love the idea of are beauty ones (like the You Beauty Advent Calendar which you can find here) where you get beauty products every day. It's a great way to save money on products, however they're a bit too expensive for me, so I'm sticking to standard ones for now (sigh). 
Something I would like to do one year is fill up our reusable one with little beauty products/gadgets that I know everyone in my family will love. It would be interesting to see if I can keep the cost down too, otherwise there would be no point. 
 What's you favourite type of advent calendar?

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