18 December 2012

Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner

These are my favourite hair products ever! I first bought these back in July and I made the mistake of getting them from a salon here in Luxembourg which means they were very overpriced. I adored them but thought it would have to be a one-off thing, since they were so expensive. However, my cousin told me to look online and I found them on feelunique for so much cheaper.
The name pretty much says it all, they make my hair feel so soft and lovely. I feel like my hair's condition has become so much better since I started using these. Even before using the Kérastase products, these had already reduced the frizz. When I do use the Kérastase products, I tend to use different shampoos and conditioners, because I feel like I'd be wasting the pricey products if I use them all at once.
I know a lot of people say to buy cheap shampoos and more expensive conditioners, and a lot of people also say the complete opposite. There's no real reasoning to my choice, it's not like the conditioner isn't very good, but if I don't use the shampoo, I notice a difference in the way my hair feels. If I use a different conditioner, my hair doesn't miss the All Soft one as much. So I would definitely buy the shampoo if I had to choose between them.
I definitely recommend these if you have very dry, tangled hair and I also recommend buying them from websites like feelunique and lookfantastic (they always have great deals on Redken products!), as they are cheaper than getting them in a salon.
I've repurchased them twice since my first ones, but am still on my second bottles, I just wanted to have back up ones for when I run out. I'd also love to try the All Soft Heavy Cream, which is a conditioning treatment.
Have you tried these? Which Redken products would you recommend?


  1. The Redken All Soft heavy cream is amaaaaaaazing, I'd just ordered my third tub cos it's awesome sauce :) I like the shampoo and conditioner, but I think good masks make more of an impact on my hair :) It's pricey but it actually makes a difference which makes it worth it for me! xxx

    1. thanks for letting me know! :) now I want it even more! masks really help my hair too :) xx

    2. Haha I'm totally an enabler :P I'm looking at that kerastase one you have too! xxx

    3. Me too haha that one is great! I really like it :) especially when it's on offer ;) doesn't hurt as much! xxx


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