29 November 2011

DIY: Advent Wreath

I'm aware I'm three days late doing this, but I was all in the Christmas spirit, because all the shops were playing christmassy songs and selling lovely decorations. I picked up some bits and bobs and decided to make a wreath, despite the fact that I'm not religious (never felt the need to be) and instead of being absolutely everything in the shop to put on, I saved some money by only getting several bits. This is mostly because we have a special way of doing our advent wreath, and partly because I've not got enough cash to splash out on anything but presents. Whenever my gran was over for Christmas, she used to help us make our wreath. We had a large green base, and some decorations and then she's say "let's go for a walk" and we would go around the village with scissors and a plastic bag, looking for nice leaves that we'd then cut and use on our wreath. This all felt quite sneaky and illegal, being a young child, but was still a lot of fun. So I thought I'd do one this year, and share 'the making of' with you.
the 'ingredients'
metal hooks, polystyrene wreath, candle holders
fruit & nut decorations, red candles, red & gold baubles
leaves we collected, a candle, the decorations
the base, second layer, the finished product


  1. Wow this came out looking really nice! Giving me ideas of decorating the house a little more.

    Check out my blog? I follow back =)



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