18 November 2011

Hats, Gloves & Scarves!

As it's so damn freezing here in Luxembourg right now (and probably almost everywhere else too, right?), I've had to get out my winter wardrobe, which includes my many hats, gloves and scarves. And I've also bought many since last winter. I have a bit of an addiction. So I thought I'd do a post on my current favourties
 My favourite hats!
Top left from H&M bought last year, wouldn't have been more than 5€
Top middle  Headband from H&M 3,95€
Top right from H&M bought ageeees ago
Bottom left Beanie from Pimkie
Bottom right Bobble Hat from Pimkie 
(I got the bottom two in September but I've already forgotten the prices, probably 5€ and 8€)

Scarves & Stuff
Left Snood from Pimkie 
(again, sorry for not knowing exact prices. I think it was about 8€)
Middle Fake Fur Collar thing from H&M 14,95€ 
(I really like this, I can add it to my leather jacket, or just wear it with whatever. It has a clip thing, which you can attach to whatever you're wearing)
Right White Scarf from C&A 
(I think. This was a present so I'm not sure how much it cost but C&A is usually cheap so I'd guess around 5€)

and the rest!
Top left white Mittens (another present)
Top middle long Gloves from H&M 
Top right black Gloves with white polkadots from C&A
Bottom left, my hats
Bottom middle all of my scarves together haha
Bottom right white Gloves from Marks & Spencers 

Sorry that I'm not so informative about prices etc haha. What are your favourite winter things? :)

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