21 November 2011

FOTD & new laptop

 Hey guys, this will just be a little update because I'm at my boyfriend's place and hadn't really planned ahead properly. Although we did make pancakes, so I suppose I can do a post on that. Be warned, there won't be any proper quantities because that's not how he rolls.
For some reason, my hair decided to behave for once, which is nice, so I took a picture. It's nice and soft, which is probably because I've changed shampoo and stuff. So it's not really a FOTD, more like Hair of the Day. Tomorrow when I wake up, I can expect it to be a frizzball once more.

And now for some exciting news! 
My lovely boyfriend Stefane, decided to give me my Christmas present early, bless him. We went to Saturn (technology shop) and he told me to pick a laptop (and then told me which ones were actually good enough to pick, I have no idea whatsoever about what makes a laptop good). Then he told me to pick a nice bag, and I was all "are you serious???" and yes, he was. So now I have a lovely Asus Eee PC 1215p.
not too big, not too small, and very cute
Which means, now I don't have to use his laptop for everything, and I finally have a PC that works. (Our computer is so slow). I may sound really spoilt, but I'm getting him something just as good. So it's all fine.
Now I just have to get used to the blasted mouse! Haha

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