18 November 2011

Wishlist #1:Winter Clothes

Winter Clothes Wishlist! :)
Unfortunately I can't get any of this because I'm saving my money for Christmas presents (I have a large family haha)

Dress: H&M 24.99€

Boots: Pimkie 29.99€
Tights: New Look £4.99

Jumper: H&M £19.99

Legging: New Look £16.99
Boots: Topshop £52.00

Top: New Look £7.99

Skirt: New Look £12.50
Shoes: Pimkie 14.00€

Dress: H&M 14.95€

Leggings: Pimkie 12.99€
Pumps: Topshop £20.00

Jimjams: New Look £19.99
Slippers: New Look £12.99


  1. Lovely wishlist, I really like the boots !

  2. I want that H&M polka dot dress. Must find. Loving the wishlist xxx


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