15 November 2011

Something pretty in a jar of flies

My boyfriend and I popped out to town to get some bits and bobs and ended up going for a hot drink (five minutes outside and we were frozen). We went to this cute little rustic place (where we went for our very first date :) ) that does really nice hot chocolate. You get hot milk and then you have to choose your chocolate flavour. But it's not just any chocolate. It's chocolate blocks on a wooden spoon which then melts in your milk and it.is.so.yummy!
We also got cake and I must admit, this is the only place in Luxembourg (that I know of) that does decent cake.
see that thick white layer? it's meringue. yup


  1. Can't believe I still haven't been to this place, we will have to go when I'm back for Christmas!

  2. yep, it's so nice and cosy :) makes me think of Hogsmeade haha

  3. I HAVE MENTIONED THIS TO YOU A NUMBER OF TIMES DANI HARRUMPF. YOU FOOL. I need to eat the cake at some point!

  4. Yep, it's so yummy, reminds me of M&S kitchen x

  5. ohmygosh, that cake looks absolutely delicious! and that layer of meringue looks amazing! :)

    <3, Mimi

  6. Wow I didn't know they did cake.. how are the prices? If you think that's the only place with decent cake in Luxembourg you've never tried cake in Japan.. my bf used to say that it "tastes of disapointment" and I have to agree, tons of cream and no taste..=( I couldn't stop thinking about the cakes back home..
    Those cakes do look delicious though *drool*
    And Dani.. you have to go there ASAP xD
    Congrats on the blog so far!

  7. I guess they're okayish, we had two cakes & two hot chocolates and it cost about 17€ together, Nat knows the prices better than I do :p aaw, really? I hate when it's like that, for me a cake must have a sponge part haha and thank you!:)


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