28 November 2011

New Hair, International Bazaar & Filming

On Saturday, I went to the International Bazaar, a big indoor market, where every country has their own stand, where they sell that country's food, books clothes and other stuff. We just had a look around and had something to eat, because it was packed. The smells were amazing, and made me feel so hungry, and we really couldn't chose what to eat. My boyfriend had some pork curry, and then we went to Greece's stand and tried their Gyros, which was really nice. 
Please excuse the blurry pictures, I must shake the camera like a crazy person without realising.

After that we went home, because I had to get up at 4 in the morning on Sunday, to be an extra in a film. The things I do for money! But it was fun, and I didn't really have to do much, apart from wait around a lot, and then do the occasional scene. It was filmed in a hospital and we'd been told to bring our pyjamas, to play patients. So we arrived at 5 in the morning, quite zombie-like, and were sent to the dressing truck, where we changed into our jimjams, which was actually quite nice, because after that we had to wait in a waiting room in the actual hospital, and it was more comfortable to be in pyjamas. My sister even fell asleep at one point. I wasn't used much, which I really didn't mind, being so tired (I'd had one of those nights, where I feel very energetic and can't fall asleep until 1ish) and I ended up reading my mum's book while waiting, and when they did eventually use me, I had to sit in a wheelchair reading my book. My mum laughed at me when she saw me. So I spent most of my time sitting down. We finished at 11:30 and went home, and I went to sleep for a few hours. Unfortunately, all the pictures my mum took turned out quite blurry, because she only had her iPhone with her. 
I've finally remembered to take a decent picture of my hair. It looks quite short in the photos, but that's because I've let it go a bit curly/wavy. It looks and feels a lot healthier than before, but that's what you get when you have a year of constantly straightening your hair because you hate your frizzy curls. It's ok though, I have actually learnt my lesson. I've taken better care of it this year and looking back I realised that, despite styling it the year before, I never really cared about how healthy it was, just about how good it looked.
I always ask for a fringe like this whenever I go to the hairdresser, because this way (straight, and layered sides) it can grow out to be a side swept fringe. I never really experiment that much, when I get it cut, I know how I like it, and what suits me. I have made the mistake of having layers all over, which I know looks nice on some people, but personally I really don't like them and mine are growing out now. I also prefer curls with this kind of fringe, because otherwise the top of my head looks extremely flat, and I end up resembling an egg.
Sorry (it seems all I do is apologise for things) that this post is such a mish-mash.


  1. Wow! I love all cultural things like that! It looks so interesting! Great blog, please take a look at mine - i'll be very grateful :)x


  2. It's so much fun seeing all the different countries :) will do! :) x


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